Youngkin Meets with Japanese Prime Minister to Discuss Economic Interests

by Sarah Roderick-Fitch


Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Tokyo to discuss trade and business investments between the commonwealth and Japan.

Japan is the second stop on Youngkin’s Asian tour, concluding with a visit to South Korea. The governor highlighted mutual economic interests, which they hope will strengthen relations.

The governor reiterated a theme of friendship, trust and mutual vision for economic prosperity as he did during his trip to Taiwan. Youngkin took the opportunity to promote the expansion of more trade and foreign investments between Virginia and Japan. His message starkly contrasts the firm stance he has taken against Chinese business interests in the commonwealth.

“As Japan maintains its economic stature and strength, Virginia looks forward to continuing a reciprocal trade relationship that benefits both players,” said Youngkin. “Together we can advance our shared goals and vision for a more productive and prosperous future.”

At the forefront of Youngkin’s visit is the semiconductor industry. Micron, a major semiconductor producer, is investing in a $3 billion expansion to make computer chips in Manassas. Additionally, the company operates a factory in Japan.

“We [Japan and Virginia] have a common future in important industries such as semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and automotive supply and I look forward to deepening our relationship,” Youngkin tweeted.

Youngkin met with officials from Micron at the U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel’s residence in Tokyo. The leaders held a press conference underscoring the future between the U.S., Virginia, Japan and the semiconductor industry.

“Hopefully, today’s meeting will conclude more agreements and therefore benefit not only the state of Virginia people but our people, our two nations and our security that is so critical to this semiconductor space,” Emanuel said during a press conference.

Youngkin emphasized the need to “forge new partnerships particularly in semiconductors and other critical sectors.” The governor underscored the necessity of maintaining a secure supply chain.

“We can lead the charge in forging this trusted supply chain relationship with nations that will contribute to the longstanding great relationship that we have, but add to our growth together…in a world where we need to do more with our friends,” Youngkin told reporters during the press conference.

For over a decade, Japanese companies have pledged over $1.7 billion in Virginia capital investments. Virginia is home to over 130 Japanese companies, according to the governor. Those companies employ over 14,500 people in the commonwealth.

While in Japan, Youngkin also took the time to visit Yokota, a U.S. air base located outside Tokyo. The governor met with service members from Virginia.

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Sarah Roderick-Fitch is The Center Square’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Editor. She has previously worked as an editor, and has been a contributing writer for several publications. In addition to writing and editing, Sarah spent nearly a decade working for non-profit, public policy organizations in the Washington, DC area.
Photo “Governor Youngkin Meets with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida” by Governor of Virginia.


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