Commentary: MAGA Coalition Launches Grassroots Political Operation

American Spirit

by George Rasley, CHQ Editor There’s a new player on the American political battlefield that should put fear in hearts of Washington, DC’s “uni-party” politicians – it’s called the MAGA Coalition – and its mission is to identify the obstructionists in DC and to advance the America First agenda. The organization’s…

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Mel Brooks: ‘We Have Become Stupidly Politically Correct’

Veteran comedian and filmmaker Mel Brooks says political correctness is killing comedy and that some of his movies would never have been made in today’s climate. Mr. Brooks, 91, told BBC Radio 4 on Thursday that his 1974 comedy western “Blazing Saddles,” which satirized racism in Hollywood, would never be…

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The Tennessee Star Hits THREE MILLION Visits Since February Launch

Tennessee Star

The Tennessee Star announced via Twitter Saturday that its online news site has been visited a staggering THREE MILLION times since launching February 6 of this year. Today we passed THREE MILLION VISITS to the since our launch in February! Thank you, Tennessee!!!! — Tennessee Star (@TheTNStar) September 23,…

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