Plaintiff Appeals Decision Setting August 2 Date for Special Mayoral Election to the Tennessee Supreme Court

On Thursday attorney Jamie Hollin appealed directly to the Tennessee Supreme Court a ruling by Chancery Court Judge Claudia Bonnyman against his client, mayoral candidate Ludye Wallace, who argued the law says the special Nashville mayoral election should be held on May 1, and in favor of the Davidson County Election Commission, which set August 2 as the date for the special election.

“This case involves a pure question of law regarding a matter of unusual public importance: When the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County—Tennessee’s capital city and most populous municipality—must hold an election to fill a vacancy in the office of Mayor,” the plaintiff’s brief began.

“Even more significantly, this case seeks to determine whether the citizens of Nashville are entitled to have their government faithfully adhere to the text of a Charter provision that they collectively enacted with overwhelming support by popular referendum,” the brief continued.

The appeal is not automatically heard by the Tennessee Supreme Court. Instead, they must actively decide to “reach down” to hear the case.

You can read the entire plaintiff’s brief here:

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”L. Wallace Motion for Direct Review & Exhibits”]

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