Lamar Alexander Sides With Corker Over Trump on Tariffs

Lamar Alexander

SuperTalk 99.7 WTN veteran broadcaster Brian Wilson, host of Nashville’s Morning News, interviewed Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander today, who made it very clear he sides with outgoing Senator Bob Corker over President Trump on the tariff issue. The two men also discussed the recent Inspector General’s report, which was highly critical for the FBI and former Director James Comey.

Alexander praised Trump and stressed the need for the GOP to retain their majorities in Congress,

As for the tariff issue, host Wilson asked him about his “fellow Senator Bob Corker who has been drawing a lot of fire lately in the state of Tennessee for his criticism of this president.”

Responded Alexander, “What’s bother Senator Corker is he thinks we should have a vote on whether tariffs are a good idea. But I don’t think they’re a good idea either. I think we ought to have a vote on it. That’s the basis of his criticism. Tariffs on Aluminum and Steel are more likely to hurt Tennessee than any other state because we’ve got nearly a thousand auto parts suppliers and they nearly all use aluminum and Steel when they make their parts. If you add 25% to the cost of those materials, they’re going to make fewer parts, less revenues, and lower wage jobs.”

Wilson then asked Alexander if Corker was being unnecessarily antagonistic toward  Trump, said Alexander, “He’s an outspoken Senator. That’s the way  he talks about it.”

“I’ll let him speak for himself,” he added, also saying he has told Trump he also disagrees with him on tariffs and thinks “reciprocity” should be the goal.

Alexander also recently spoke about Trump and tariffs to the Tennessean:

“I agree with president on taxes, regulations, on judges, but I have yet to persuade him an inch on tariffs,” Alexander told a huddle of reporters before the luncheon. “These are a big mistake, and Tennessee is likely to be the state most hurt by them because we have nearly a thousand auto parts makers in the state who use steel and aluminum.”

The full  audio of the  interview can be heard below.







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6 Thoughts to “Lamar Alexander Sides With Corker Over Trump on Tariffs”

  1. Brian McMurphy

    No taxation without representation.

    Dems didn’t vote for Cross-Eyed & The Midget. And Republican voters were sold a bill of goods.

    The GOPe are perpetrating a fraud.

  2. ron stone

    I just want it explained why tariffs are a bad deal if we impose them but it’s OK for other countries to impose them on us.

    1. Brian McMurphy

      Because tariffs work great for one party if the other side never retaliates.

      Allowing China to screw us over and calling it Free Trade is the lingua franca of the establishment ideologues and Chamber of Commerce Republicrats.

  3. CM in TN

    We need to start coalescing around a good candidate to run against him in 2020. We cannot allow the state and national GoPe to flood the race with candidates so that Alexander gets the plurality of votes…like Ms. Lindsey in S.C. does every re-election.

    1. John Bumpus

      The way that I understand it, Tennessee’s present primary electoral system where a candidate with only a plurality of the votes can become the nominee of the party was put in place many years ago by Frank Clement (and his organization) because Clement knew that he could win a primary election by a plurality but NOT by a primary majority of the votes. MAYBE IT IS TIME FOR TENNESSEE TO AMEND ITS PARTY PRIMARY ELECTION LAW TO PRIVIDE FOR A RUNOFF BETWEEN THE TOP TWO PRIMARY VOTE GETTERS IF NO ONE WINS THE PARTY PRIMARY ELECTION BY A MAJORITY OUTRIGHT.

  4. 83ragtop50

    Yep. Alexander and Corker are just two RINO peas in a pod. No difference other than that we are stuck with Alexander for a few more years.