Will Hoge, Scheduled to Headline Karl Dean Event, Says NRA Members Worst Thing About America

A country music singer on record as calling NRA supporters whores and pimps will headline a Karl Dean for Governor event in Nashville Thursday.

The singer in question, Will Hoge, said he has disdain for pro-Second Amendment politicians.

No one at Dean’s campaign returned The Tennessee Star’s repeated requests for comment on the matter Tuesday. The Star wanted to know if Dean’s views align with Hoge’s.

Hoge previously endorsed U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for United States president.

Hoge called the NRA “a fear-mongering, bully organization” in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

“They are the worst things about America: a rich organization, led by horrible people, preying on some of the best people in our country with fear and lies, just to grow their own profits,” Hoge said.

“I’ve got to believe that at some point all responsible gun owners will see what a sham that organization truly is.”

Hoge wrote the following lyrics for his song “Thoughts and Prayers”:

“Another politician sitting far away
Doesn’t matter how many people got gunned down today
As long as you can keep your re-election bills paid
You’re just a whore to the pimp that’s called the NRA”

Hoge also told the magazine how he feels about people who ask for thoughts and prayers after a mass shooting.

“They have all the opportunities in the world to make a difference, but they do nothing,” Hoge said.

“Then to just send out a phrase like ‘thoughts and prayers,’ as if we don’t all know that there is something they could do? It’s shameful.”

Hoge is active on Facebook and Twitter.

On both accounts, he spends a great deal of time lambasting U.S President Donald Trump and calling members of Trump’s administration liars.

In one post, he endorsed a book calling for the federal government to enact a universal basic income, on the grounds that it will end poverty.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]







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16 Thoughts to “Will Hoge, Scheduled to Headline Karl Dean Event, Says NRA Members Worst Thing About America”

  1. Marc Harris

    Now, back to our regularly scheduled program: Will Hoge

    He’s a limp wristed beta male who has an overinflated opinion of himself and his importance. He’ll be playing hillbilly coffee shops and singing about poorly made double non-fat soy lattes and how his skinny jeans were ruined and his man bun doesn’t look right.

  2. Cody

    Beta male millennial with small, soft hands.

    Johnny Cash crapped bigger than him.

  3. Floyd

    Karl Dean can kiss his political career good bye with this no name’s support.

  4. Frank Lambert

    Will Hoge is an Infantile Jerk.

    Par the course for a militant leftist.

    His 15 minutes can’t come up soon enough.

  5. Ben Jealous

    Aww did poor little Will run out of Preparation H?

  6. Jerry Brown

    Will Hoge…the worst thing about America, and humanity in general.

    He can disappear from the face of the earth for all I care. Hoge won’t be missed, except by his single fan (his mom).

  7. Tod

    Never heard of this snowflake until now, glad I never have.

    This cuck can get bent, along with his pals Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp.

  8. James Losey

    Sounds like Willie’s gone full Dixie Chick. Bless his heart.

  9. Mike Hunt

    Is his last name Hoge or Hogg? He comes off as a relelative to that buffoon….

  10. RedSoloCup

    It appears Will Hoge (or is it Hogg?) was dropped on his head one too many times as a baby.

    No wonder he supports Bernie Sanders. You have to be completely brain dead to do so.

  11. Fat Hubie

    “Responsible gun owners” will be ignoring this moron.

  12. OldParatrooper

    Dems gotta dem.. We’ll see how that works for them in November.

  13. Good plan, you go right ahead with that.

  14. Angelito

    And, ignorant jerk wads like Will Hoge are why I joined the NRA last month. Obviously, this idiot suffered a brain injury when he wrecked his scooter in East Nasty.

    Will Hoge now joins the NFL on the “not in my house” list.


    Dang Karl, yet another reason you won’t not get my vote. It was bad enough you mishandled monies. I mean if i put monies in the bank, and two weeks later found out the bank said that monies was better suited in someone else’s account without my approval i would fire their ass. But if i knew the crowd my banker hung out with didn’t believe in the second amendment I’d fire their ass just saying.

    1. RedSoloCup

      Well Karl’s a Dim. Of course he can get away with that…