Former Tennessee Governor Dunn Endorses Blackburn for the U.S. Senate over Former Governor Bredesen

Winfield Dunn

Former Tennessee Governor Winfield Dunn, a Republican,  endorsed U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN-07) for the U.S. Senate on Friday last week. Dunn picked Blackburn over one of his successors, former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen, a Democrat, who is running against Blackburn. Blackburn and Bredesen are running for the seat being…

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Tennessee Star Poll: Governor Bill Haslam Retains Relatively High Approval Rating

Bill Haslam

As Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam moves closer to full lame-duck status when his successor is elected on November 6 it appears he will leave office with a relatively high approval rating from Tennessee voters. A Tennessee Star survey of likely November general election voter conducted in early September shows the…

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Nashville Mayor David Briley to Run for Full Term in 2019

Nashville Mayor David Briley announced Tuesday he’s running for reelection. What’s uncertain is who and how many people will oppose him. The Tennessean floated names such as at-large council member John Cooper, real estate executive Bill Freeman, and council member Steve Glover. No one in Briley’s office returned The Tennessee…

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Dr. Carol M. Swain Commentary: Politico’s Claim That ‘God is Laughing at Brett Kavanaugh’ Demonstrates Publication’s Bias Against Christians and Conservatives

Carol Swain

by Dr. Carol M. Swain   When did America’s standard of justice erode to the point where we automatically presume innocence for women who make strategically timed sexual allegations against successful men at pivotal times in their careers? Under the new “ends justify means” politics, there is no standard of…

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Fact Checking Shows Bredesen Raised Taxes, Fees By Nearly $1 Billion as Governor

Republicans are checking the facts about Phil Bredesen’s “phony” claims to have balanced the state budget when he was governor, pointing out Tennessee’s constitution requires a balanced budget. “Phil Bredesen is touting his budgetary accomplishments in a recent ad, but he’s not giving Tennesseans the full story,” the Tennessee Republican…

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A New Campus Invention for Policing Speech

by Dan E. Way   Colleges are using a new tool with the frightening potential to shut down open dialogue. They go by the benign-sounding name of “bias response teams.”  Bias response teams monitor what students and faculty say. They encourage students to report, often anonymously, comments or behavior that…

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Alibaba Chief’s Next Move May Reveal a Chinese Gameplan

by Saibal Dasgupta   Alibaba chairman Jack Ma’s surprise announcement last week that he would step down as head of the world’s biggest e-commerce company, has sparked animated discussions on what would be his next career move and whether the Chinese government was behind the decision. Some analysts have suggested the…

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Education Facination: Texas State Board of Education Attempts Another ‘Edit” of Social Studies Curriculum

On Tuesday’s Gill Report – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 1510 WLAC weekdays at 7:30 am – Star News Digital Media National Political Editor Steve Gill discussed the peculiar fascination with the Texas’s Board of Education and their obsession with editing their state’s social studies curriculum. He went on to…

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EXCLUSIVE: Soros-Backed Activists Slip Cash To Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Before Arrests

by Peter Hasson and Joe Simonson   Left-wing groups funded by George Soros and other major Democratic donors hand out cash to protesters arrested for disrupting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, the activists revealed Monday night. A coalition of left-wing activist organizations including Women’s March, the Center for…

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Commentary: In Today’s Politics, ‘Bipartisanship’ is a Fool’s Gambit

by Jeffery Rendall   The late Senator John McCain was laid to rest a little over two weeks ago. In the time since there’s been much discussion concerning one of his most passionate lifelong political causes, namely bringing both parties together to “compromise” on legislation and act in a bipartisan…

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Corker: Senate Judiciary Committee Members Should ‘Move On’ If Kavanaugh Accuser Declines Opportunity To Testify

Bob Corker, Brett Kavanaugh

by Henry Rodgers   Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker said Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of high school-era sexual assault, needs to respond to Senate inquiries, and that the Judiciary Committee should “move on” if she declines. “I would hope that if someone has been given the…

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