Elections Matter: Democrats Conjure Up Thirty Year Old Anonymous Sexual Misconduct Letter to Smear Kavanaugh

On Friday’s Gill Report – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 1510 WLAC weekdays at 7:30 am – Star News Digital Media National Political Editor Steve Gill was perplexed by the Democrats’ recent attempts to smear Brett Kavanaugh with an anonymous thirty year old allegation on the eve of his confirmation.  Gill was dumbfounded by the desperation in the Democratic party and stressed how important elections are to the judicial process. “Elections matter,” Gill conceded. He continued: The desperation of the Democrats to stop Brett Kavanaugh from getting confirmed as a justice to the US Supreme Court has reached a pitiful new loan. Now keep in the mind the Democrats have covered up for the worst kinds of predators and sexual offenders from Hollywood, from within their own ranks, in the White House with President Bill Clinton and others. They have gone to extremes to cover up the the misdeeds and conduct in a current era of their own colleagues, advocates and allies. But they’ll go back into the deep dark ages and any rumor, any smear to attack a Republican is fair game. Well now they’ve reached a new low with an attempt to knock Brett Kavanaugh out of his…

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Bredesen ‘Running From a Tough Decision’ on Kavanaugh Nomination, Republicans Say

As of Friday, it had been 56 days since Judge Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to the Supreme Court, and Phil Bredesen says he still needs more time to consider whether he supports President Donald Trump’s selection. Bredesen says he is “embarrassed” by Democrats’ treatment of Kavanaugh in the confirmation hearings, the Tennessee Star reported earlier this week, citing a story in The Tennessean. Four Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee donated money to Bredesen’s campaign. The senators are: Cory Booker (D-NJ), $5,000; Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), $10,000; Kamala Harris (D-CA), $10,000; and Dick Durbin (D-IL), $5,000. The GOP cited this campaign finance report in a press release. The Democratic candidate, who is pro-abortion, said Kavanaugh’s pro-life stance would not matter to him if he could vote. He told reporters that Kavanaugh’s position on abortion is “certainly not as important to me as it is for some Democrats.” In July Bredesen said he would have to wait for the hearings to make a decision. But after multiple days of hearings, he said he didn’t watch them because he was busy traveling, the Tennessee Republican Party said in a press release. Politico reported on July 30 that Schumer has been…

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New Chairwoman for Nashville School Board Brings Dissension

Sharon Gentry

By a 5-4 vote, and not without controversy, Metro Nashville Public School Board members elected a new chair, Sharon Gentry. But one of the four board members who voted against Gentry, Fran Bush, told The Tennessee Star she had good reasons. “With my research, with just her history, I felt we need a chairman a lot stronger,” Bush said. “My preference would have been Amy Frogge because she has been on the board a long time, and she has major experience in leadership and she understands and follows policy.” As other media outlets have reported, much of the strife on the board now revolves around Director of Schools Shawn Joseph and whether board members do a good enough job holding him accountable. The Tennessean quoted Board Member Jill Speering as saying she didn’t think Gentry capable of doing that. Board Member Anna Shepherd, who cast her vote for Gentry, told The Star it was a process of elimination. “I didn’t think either Amy (Frogge) or Jill (Speering) could lead the board in any kind of rational semblance. The fallback was Sharon,” Shepherd said. Board Member Christiane Buggs, meanwhile, told The Star she also voted for Gentry. Bush, though, said previous…

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Commentary: Immigrants Won’t Pay for Our Pensions – We’ll Pay for Theirs

senior citizen

by Spencer P. Morrison   Ask any Democrat why they support open borders and invariably they will respond with one of two pre-packaged answers: because “diversity is our strength” or “we need immigrants to pay for our pensions.” The first argument is a sham: if liberals valued diversity they would welcome conservatives to college campuses and tolerate them online. They don’t. Instead, they protest when anyone to the right of Marx dares speak on campus – remember the “progressive” response to Milo Yiannopoulos at Berkeley? It was an orgy of violence and rioting. Likewise, the Left enthusiastically de-platforms conservative voices on social media. For Democrats, diversity means intellectual and political homogeneity – with a smattering of ethnic restaurants. Exposing this hypocrisy sufficiently rebuts this nonpoint. The second argument – that immigrants will pay for our pensions – is far more persuasive. Most people instinctively defer to the “experts” when it comes to economics: “because Milton Friedman said so” is a compelling statement, despite being a perfect example of the call to authority fallacy. Who cares what economists think? What do the data say? On this point the data are conclusive: immigration will not save America’s welfare system, it will bleed it dry. Worshipping Ponzi In an article for the New…

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Audit: Tennessee Woman Stole $22,000 from Federal Taxpayers

Brookwood Terrace

A Tennessee woman who managed a government-funded apartment complex stole more than $22,000 from taxpayers, according to a state audit released Thursday. Pamela Byrd, the former office manager of the Brookwood Terrace Apartments in Wartburg, stole at least $22,036, Tennessee Comptrollers said. The Brookwood Terrace Apartments is a 24-unit complex and is part of the Douglas-Cherokee Economic Authority. The apartment complex houses people age 60 and over. A combination of state grants and money from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development help fund it, according to the audit. The Tennessee Star called Byrd Thursday at her listed home telephone number. A woman picked up, but she said she wasn’t Byrd. “I’m not her, but what do you want with her?” the unidentified woman asked. The Star explained it wanted Byrd’s side of this story. The woman hung up. Comptrollers said they reviewed the apartments’ accounting records, bank statements and other documents put out between October 2012 and July of last year. They said there was a cash shortage of at least $22,036. Specifically, there was a shortage of $21,520 in rental payments plus $516 in security deposits. “For the period reviewed, DCEA officials were unable to account for…

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Unnamed and Uncorroborated Accuser Claims Brett Kavanaugh Tried To Force Himself Onto Her More Than Thirty Years Ago

Brett Kavanaugh

by Kevin Daley   An unnamed woman has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempting to force himself onto her during an non-consensual encounter at a party, one day after Democratic lawmakers released a cryptic statement referring to possible misconduct in the judge’s past. The allegation, which appeared Friday morning in The New Yorker, relates an incident that occurred in the early 1980s when Kavanaugh was a high school student at Georgetown Preparatory School in Maryland. All involved in the alleged encounter were minors at the time. According to the report, the woman alleges that Kavanaugh and a male classmate accosted her at a party. She claims Kavanaugh held her down and attempted to force himself onto her while his confidant turned up music which was playing in the room to drown out her protestations. The New Yorker reported that the alleged victim managed to free herself. It is not clear if a sexual liaison took place. “I categorically and unequivocally deny this allegation,” Kavanaugh told said in a statement released by the White House. “I did not do this back in high school or at any time.” The other male involved in the alleged incident separately denied the charge. Sen. Dianne…

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‘Abortion Is Self-Care’ Billboard Will Remain Erect After Organization Leader Speaks Out: ‘We Said It. We Meant It’

Marsha Jones

by Grace Carr   A women’s reproductive rights group put up a billboard in Dallas, Texas, claiming that abortion is self-care, and it’s not backing down despite receiving backlash. The Afiya Center (TAC) posted a picture on Facebook of a billboard in Dallas that reads, “Abortion Is Self-Care.” The image of the billboard enraged some while others expressed gratitude for it. “I knew we were going to get reactions from Black [sic] women that were really strong, but I thought they would want to know what we mean. I really didn’t expect such a visercal [sic] backlash,” Afiya Center executive director Marsha Jones (pictured) told ESSENCE. TAC is a “Reproductive Justice (RJ) organization in North Texas founded and directed by Black women,” according to its website. Its mission is to “serve Black women and girls by transforming their relationship with their sexual and reproductive health through addressing the consequences of reproduction oppression.” Jones’s response comes largely in reaction to another billboard — erected by Pastor Stephen Broden and the Black Pro-Life Coalition — reading, “ABORTION is not healthcare … It HURTS women and MURDERS their BABIES.” “I was enraged when I saw that,” Jones told ESSENCE. “You can’t put up a billboard that doesn’t have factual information. You…

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OFF THE RECORD: Memphis Barnes&Noble Stacks Books For ‘The Resistance’

Off the Record

The Barnes and Noble bookstore in Collierville just outside of Memphis proper, has a display of politically-themed books that screams “we support the resistance”!!!! FEAR, Bob Woodward’s questionable version of the Trump White House has been placed on the top shelf riser as a first view item. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the book is “nothing more than fabricated stories” with stories from “former disgruntled employees.” Front and center, abutting right below FEAR are two new releases about Obama. Don’t you just love the ever-so-clever title Hugs From Obama, A Photographic Look back at the Warmth and Wisdom of President Barack Obama”??? Conjures up all those warm and fuzzy feelings from the eight long seemingly never-ending years of taking the U.S. down the tube. Plunk down the extra $20 bucks in your pocket because of Trump’s tax cuts and you can do whatever you want to “enhance” the photos. Completing the trifecta of books on the ‘Resistance Recommended Reading List’ is the bestseller by Omarosa whose book sales tanked simultaneously with the release of Unhinged. Even leftist media propaganda and Omarosa’s release of tell-nothing tapes couldn’t stop the public humiliation of her failures. But wait. Just to prove that Barnes & Noble book stockers aren’t playing favorites…

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Commentary: The Transitive Property Explains Democrats’ Covert Self-Sabotage Mission

Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Donald Trump

by Jeffery Rendall   It’s human nature…try thinking of a sporting event where you’re supposed to root for one side but secretly hoped the opposing team prevailed on the scoreboard. Or if you’ve watched those super hero movies, did you ever wish the bad guy won in the end? We’re all guilty of low-level treason at some point in our lives. I confess to occasionally (and quietly) pulling for my son’s little league baseball foes if a loss meant being able to exit what would turn into an excruciating day-long tournament stay. I also admit having once favored my high school’s nemesis when a loss equated to finishing the season (and the drudgery that goes along with serving as a practice dummy every day yet never seeing any game time). Many a professional team has been accused of “tanking it” when a draft position was at stake, too. Every year at the end of the NFL season, for example, there are typically two or three squads in contention for the top pick. Everyone denies it, but deep down are fans hoping their team will lose so they’ll “win” the chance to select player X? Loyalties are certainly fungible when the right…

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Pet Owners Loath to Leave Their Pals During Evacuations

baby hugs young dog

Nila Belfiore-Dulay and her husband, Henryk, took seven days to drive cross-country to their new life in Charleston, South Carolina, last week, because they didn’t want to risk flying their dogs, Josie and Annie. Soon after they arrived, they were told to turn back. Charleston, in the line of Hurricane Florence, was in a mandatory evacuation zone. “We were there about five days before they told us we would have to evacuate,” Belfiore-Dulay said, sounding politely upbeat but a bit uncertain from a La Quinta motel in Jacksonville, Florida. Who goes to Florida to escape a hurricane? (Florida is the most “hurricane-prone” state in the U.S., according to several weather-forecasting sites and the U.S. government.) Some pet owners from South Carolina and Georgia wound up there because they couldn’t find rooms any closer as they evacuated the area Hurricane Florence was expected to pummel. “The hotel is packed with dog owners. The dogs are having a blast,” Belfiore-Dulay said. “They were unsettled at the beginning. But now that they are settled, they are having a blast.” Proprietor’s call While rumors have been spread on the internet thathotels and motels have to accept guests with pets during emergencies, it is up to…

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Sessions Instructs US Attorneys to Fight Nationwide Injunctions

Jeff Sessions

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions instructed Department of Justice lawyers in a memo Thursday to resist the nationwide injunctions issued by federal judges that have hindered or halted some of the Trump administration’s signature policies, including the border separation of families and various travel bans. Sessions stated in an official press release accompanying the memo that the guidance would help standardize the reasoning litigators use when arguing against injunctions. “The Constitution does not grant to a single district judge the power to veto executive branch actions with respect to parties not before the court,” Sessions said in the release. “Nor does it provide the judiciary with authority to conduct oversight of or review policy of the executive branch.” Sessions argued that his motivation was not partisan, but aimed at maintaining the traditional balance of power in the U.S. government. “Increasingly, we are seeing individual federal district judges go beyond the parties before the court to give injunctions or orders that block the entire federal government from enforcing a law or policy throughout the country. This kind of judicial activism did not happen a single time in our first 175 years as a nation, but it has become common in recent…

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Sen. Lamar Alexander: ‘Judge Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed by the Senate at the End of the Month’

Lamar Alexander

NASHVILLE, Tennessee–Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) told a gathering of the Nashville Kiwanis Club on Friday he believes that Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be sitting on the Supreme Court on October 1. Alexander began his comments by noting that “the Senate has gotten into a bad habit” in recent years in the way it conducts hearings on nominees for the Supreme Court. “I believe that Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed by the Senate at the end of the month and be sitting on the Court October 1 when it opens its new term,” Alexander told the audience at the Patron Platinum Club Restaurant at Bridgestone Arena. Alexander said some Democrats in the Senate now consider Supreme Court nominees as “innocent until nominated.” “They treat someone like Judge Kavanaugh as if he were recently released from San Quentin prison. Although in fact, he is one of the most highly regarded members of the Federal Circuit Court,” Alexander said. “You have a Republican president appointing judges, and the Democratic senators acting like they’re in the circus, trying to insult the judge . . . for whatever reasons I’m not sure. It’s a very bad habit. It’s not good for our country,” he noted.…

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