917 Society Needs Help Giving Out Constitutions to Tennessee Eighth-Graders

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The 917 Society has given out 35,000 pocket copies of the U.S. Constitution to eighth-graders in Tennessee, but there are 50,000 more eighth-graders who still haven’t gotten one.

Thus, 917 Society members have started a new fundraising movement to help fill the gap.

The goal, said 917 Society Founder Joni Bryant, is to reach those 50,000 students before December 15, which is Bill of Rights Day.

“Before these students go to high school, psychologically, it is a great time to reach our young people because they are forming their identity of who they are and we want them to know about the Constitution,” Bryant told The Tennessee Star.

“In four years, these eighth-graders will be out voting, and we want them more informed and educated and excited about participating in our form of government.”

Nashville physician Ming Wang has already donated $1,000 for the cause, according to a press release.

Donations are due by Nov. 1 to guarantee printing and delivery of pocket Constitutions to classrooms before Dec. 15.

Anyone interested in Founding Club Member status should donate $1,000 or more and commit to renewing your donation each year before Sept. 17 of next year.

Founding Club Members may attend an exclusive Founders Club reception that Wang will host this coming holiday season.

917 Society members will list your name on their website and all email communications as a Founding Club member.

As reported, Tennessee is the first state to offer a free state Constitution Day program.

Chairwoman Joni Schmidt Hargrove and West Tennessee board member Ginger Terry will assist with fund raising efforts. You may also contact them about Founding Club Member status.

Donations are accepted online at www.917society.com/donate/ or you may mail a check made out to: The 917 Society, 400 Warioto Way #902, Ashland City, Tn. 37015

You may now donate stock on the online donation page by clicking the icon at the bottom.

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2 Thoughts to “917 Society Needs Help Giving Out Constitutions to Tennessee Eighth-Graders”

  1. […] As reported, the 917 Society exists to improve constitutional literacy among Tennessee eighth graders. And because of the 917 Society, every eighth-grader in Tennessee gets a copy of the U.S. Constitution. […]

  2. […] As reported, Wang is also involved with the 917 Society, which has given out pocket copies of the U.S. Constitution to eighth-graders around the state. […]