Bill Hagerty: ‘Chinese Regime Has Lied from the Very Outset’



Bill Hagerty, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Tennessee, responded Tuesday to a report about inadequate safety measures at a Chinese research facility in Wuhan.

According to that report, in The Washington Post, two years ago U.S. Embassy officials visited this facility and twice warned Washington, D.C. officials about the lab’s “risky studies on coronaviruses from bats.”

Hagerty, in a press release, said the following:

“The Chinese Communist regime has sought to conceal and destroy evidence from the outset, and we have learned that the U.S. State Department sounded the alarm about a Chinese research lab studying coronaviruses in bats more than two years ago. Now, there is even greater evidence to support what we have known: the Communist Chinese regime has lied from the very outset,” Hagerty said.

“They prioritized a public relations campaign over a public health campaign – at the expense of the world’s health and economy. We must hold them accountable for unleashing this on the world, and organizations like the WHO that parroted their propaganda must also be held responsible. Make no mistake: the Communist Chinese regime is responsible for the crime of the century and the greatest cover-up in human history.”

As The Tennessee Star reported last week, Hagerty made similar remarks while appearing with host Lou Dobbs on FOX Business.

“It’s been an enormously costly cover-up. It has now cost over 94,000 lives worldwide. Just here in America, 16,000 lives have been lost and still counting. Over 17 million jobs and approximately $5 trillion worth of economic damage. Lou, that is why I call this the crime of the century.”

Hagerty went on to say transparency on the part of the Chinese government “would have made a tremendous difference.” As a result, China caused the loss of 17 million U.S. jobs and put the world economy at risk, he added.

Hagerty went on to call China “the greatest strategic threat that we confront today.”

The senator candidate also told Dobbs that he expects changes in the corporate world because of China’s cover-up.

“I can’t imagine any American company wanting to do business with China,” Hagerty said.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]





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2 Thoughts to “Bill Hagerty: ‘Chinese Regime Has Lied from the Very Outset’”

  1. 83ragtop50

    How about calling out the liars in Washington who perpetuated unsupported predictions of the danger of COVID-19. Hagerty smells funny to me.

  2. Kevin

    Where was Hagerty calling out the Chinese Communist Party when he was an “economic advisor” and “White House Fellow” to George H. W. Bush? Where was Hagerty calling out the CCP when he was the Commissioner of Economic Development under Governor Haslam?

    I’m sorry, but Hagerty smells like and acts like just another BIG government politician saying the “right things” at the “right time”, just to get elected.

    I don’t know how or why President Trump is so supportive of this former Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio supporter? I hope I never hear Trump have to say, “Et tu Bill.” Like he had to do with Jeff Sessions. But I won’t have “blood” on my hands, I’m supporting Manny!