Holocaust Memorial Vandalized in Nashville


One or more people vandalized the Holocaust Memorial at Nashville’s Gordon Jewish Community Center, according to officials who oversee the facility.

“What happened was something was posted there over the weekend, but someone did notice it, and it has been removed. There isn’t actually anything still to see,” Gordon JCC spokesman Deborah Oleshansky told The Tennessee Star Monday.

“Law enforcement has asked that we not share more information specifically because they are still investigating.”

While Oleshansky did not provide additional details, she did say the vandal or vandals damaged the memorial this past weekend. She said the memorial is visible at the Gordon JCC parking lot.

The Gordon JCC Holocaust Memorial is about 15 years old, Oleshansky said.

The Star asked Oleshansky if she believes the nation’s current civil unrest provoked the vandal or vandals to act.

“It’s hard to know. Anti-Semitism has existed for a very long time. Anti-Semitic activity has been on the rise the last several years,” Oleshansky said.

“I can’t say if it was tied specifically to what has been going on in the last couple of weeks. I think it is more tied to the increases [of Anti-Semitism].”

Nashville resident Steve Morris told The Star in an email that the vandalism “was particularly disheartening since it occurred on our Sabbath.”

“Everyone is well aware of the fact that we live in perilous times. Our First Amendment rights have never been more threatened than they are today. Opposing viewpoints, different points of view,  politically incorrect statements, are just not tolerated well today. But this is nothing new to the Jewish people. It’s particularly upsetting since it occurred in such a wonderful town like Nashville. Here Jewish families have lived peacefully and thrived for generations. We have played a vital role in every facet of Nashville’s life,” Morris wrote.

“Of course, our incredible Christian friends and neighbors have rushed in to support us. Unprovoked attacks like this are a threat to all people of faith. Of course, Nashville’s 5,000 Jewish families and our 12 Jewish Synagogues stand unified against this, yet another, anti-Semitic attack.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Holocaust Memorial” by Gordon Jewish Community Center.




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2 Thoughts to “Holocaust Memorial Vandalized in Nashville”

  1. CCW

    At the end of this BLM / ANTIFA episode, the perps and their facilitators should be rounded up and given a one way ticket to China. They can be guards or inmates (their choice) at the Chinese reeducation camps for the Uyghers. It would be a good cultural exchange. Maybe these could learn a little about Chinese law and Sharia law.

  2. Ron Welch

    The people who did this are evil. I suspect that they have facilitators and are aided and abetted by “the rulers of the darkness of this world”.