Citizens Groups Hold Rallies in Franklin, Knoxville to Declare ‘We Will Not Comply’ With Mask Mandates


Grassroots movements combating Tennessee’s never-ending mask mandates are gaining steam.

Tennessee Stands held a “Mask Free Tennessee Rally” Saturday on the Public Square in Franklin. A similar rally was held Sunday in Knoxville by No Mandates Tennessee.

Tennessee Stands organizers on Saturday evening posted on their Facebook page, “So thankful to all of the patriots that showed up today for the Mask Free Tennessee Rally today in Franklin! Our voices are louder together. We will not give in to the mob. We will not relinquish our liberty. We. Will. Not. Comply.”

On Friday, leading up to the protest, Tennessee Stands posted on Facebook, “We have had enough of unlawful and unconstitutional orders. Williamson County is now under a mask mandate through the end of the year thanks to Governor Bill Lee and Mayor Rogers Anderson. We. Will. Not. Comply.”

The group’s website says, “Tennessee Stands is a nonprofit social advocacy organization that serves to protect the individual liberties of all Tennesseans as stated in the Tennessee State Constitution and given to us by God.”

Citizens for Limited Government and Constitutional Integrity, Inc. doing business as Tennessee Stands filed a lawsuit in August against Lee, The Tennessee Star reported at the time. The suit was based on the grounds that the state statute deeming the governor’s executive orders have the full force and effect of law is unconstitutional.

Gary Humble, who founded Tennessee Stands, also founded Recall Williamson, which in September sued the Williamson County School System over its mask mandate, The Star reported.

The other event held over the weekend, the “Knoxville Freedom Rally,” billed itself as people gathering to “raise our voices together in protest against mask mandates, social distancing, unelected boards controlling the actions of Tennesseans, and the possibility that any Tennessee state legislators will write, sponsor, or vote for any proposed mandatory COVID vaccine bills.”

Speakers in Knoxville were Gary Humble; Dr. Theron Hutton, a family physician; and attorney Andy Fox.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
Photos “Mask Free Tennessee Rally” by Tennessee Stands.





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11 Thoughts to “Citizens Groups Hold Rallies in Franklin, Knoxville to Declare ‘We Will Not Comply’ With Mask Mandates”

  1. William Delzell

    It will serve them right if they all come down with Covid as a result of their carelessness. Herd immunity won’t work without a proven vaccine; it will just turn previously healthy people into corpses! Way to go, righties!

  2. Faye.newman

    I see we have a lot of self center people on here.Where didi you read freedom was taken freedom from others you didn’t we live in a family do you spite your your family face when you know you could give them a life threatening illness you know I think you would’ve

  3. 83ragtop50

    I am ready to participate one in Sumner County. Self-anointed god of this county – Anthony Holt – needs to be the one locked down.

  4. Mimi

    I’m so happy to see there are others around me who resent this tyranny. Open up the country and let us live our lives!

  5. LM

    I hope we can continue to grow support and more refusal of the people to comply with mask , social distancing , and lockdowns. It would be bad enough if these mindless measures were only that , but they are harmful , provide a FALSE sense of safety ,and need to stop immediately. The harm done is in addition to the unconstitutionality.

  6. David S. Blackwell RN, BSN

    I asked my doctor, “when will the pandemic end?” He said, “I don’t know. I am not a politician.”

  7. John

    Finally! The citizens are rising up against this tyranny. Never thought it would have started in Franklin, of all places.

    I early voted and the line was very long. I was the only person who wasn’t wearing a mask. I simply observed the social distancing rules and didn’t crowd anybody and everyone was cool with it. Though there was no mandate at the time where I live, however everyone was still masked up. The fear in their eyes was real. And those cloth masks they were wearing gave those unsuspecting souls a faux sense of security.

  8. Wolf Woman

    Great! Now where’s the Nashville protest against Comrade Cooper and his Politburo Council?

  9. Julie

    If Biden wins they will continue with high testing, masks, and lockdowns long enough to make it look like the Democrats are solving the COVID crisis. If Trump wins they double down and continue to try and inflict damage and pain on the American people with our “new normal.” There will be a need for these efforts down the road including mass participation.

  10. Bubba N

    Good! I take my mask with me but never put it on until asked by a store employee. Resist these useless political face diapers.