Sidney Powell ‘Releases the Kraken’ in Georgia Lawsuit


Attorney Sidney Powell filed her “Biblical” lawsuit on Wednesday in Georgia, making good on her promise to “release the Kraken.” The defendants were named as Governor Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and State Election Board members David Worley, Rebecca Sullivan, Matthew Mashburn, and Anh Le. The lawsuit called into question around 146,600 votes at minimum.

The 104-page lawsuit claimed that Dominion Voting Systems (Dominion) engaged in virtual ballot-stuffing through its electronic voting software. It bolstered its claim by alleging that the software design was created to manipulate the Venezuelan elections of Hugo Chavez, and was designed in a way to hide vote manipulations from any audits.

Additionally, the lawsuit claimed that Raffensperger unconstitutionally modified election law through a consent decree issued earlier this year, that thousands of absentee ballots were requested and counted but never recorded as being returned, that workers never administered proper signature checks for absentee ballots, and that challengers were barred from observing the count.

The suit referenced testimonies from elections and software security experts, poll worker witnesses, and a previous affiliate of Hugo Chavez. The evidence focused on specific incidents of uncounted or overlooked ballots, as well as the voting irregularities that occurred on election night. Most significantly, the lawsuit focused on Dominion’s background, vulnerabilities, and irregularities presented in the election.

Powell tweeted the link to the lawsuit late Wednesday night, hinting at an upcoming lawsuit to be filed in Michigan.

“The #Kraken was just released on #Georgia. Complaint being uploaded at DefendingTheRepublic.Org. Exhibits to follow. Also #ReleaseTheKraken in #Michigan @realDonaldTrump @jbinnall @GenFlynn @molmccann @abigailcfrye @jbinnall @Scavino45 @marklevinshow @MariaBartiromo”

The day before, Powell appeared on Fox Business to share that she would file the lawsuit in Georgia no later than Wednesday. The defendants would be “those who are responsible for making sure elections are done properly” in Georgia, alluding to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his office. She added that her team plans on filing lawsuits in other states, as well.

She also claimed voting systems companies masked their connections to Venezuela through shell companies.

Powell also issued an open records request to Raffensperger regarding his conduct in organizing and executing the vote recounts.

“Dear @GaSecofState [:] Please consider this an open records act request for the #Zoom meeting of today’s date with electors & your refusal to perform a real audit to include envelopes & all documents required. #TrumpLandslide @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @abigailcfrye @LLinWood #GA”

Attorney Lin Wood was one of the first to share that Powell would file suit on Wednesday.

“I have worked closely with @SidneyPowell1 & others over recent weeks. The lawsuit Sidney will be filing tomorrow in GA speaks TRUTH. Enemies of America will deny its allegations. Do NOT believe them. Believe Sidney & me. We love America & freedom. Our enemies do not.”

Wood attached a picture of himself that ascribed President Donald Trump as a “truth-giver,” and instructing his followers to “listen carefully” and to pray for the country and Trump.

Later, Wood shared that he’d filed an emergency motion in the Eleventh District Court. Last week, a lower court judge dismissed the case, citing Wood’s lack of standing.

The court granted the hearing. It also responded with several questions for Wood concerning whether the previous ruling in the lower court was immediately appealable or moot. Wood has until December 1st to file a response.

Although the Trump Campaign announced that Powell wasn’t a part of their legal team, President Trump has shared articles concerning Powell’s work on uncovering election fraud.

Wednesday also marked President Donald Trump’s pardoning of General Michael Flynn. Powell, the defense attorney on Flynn’s case, retweeted a statement from the Flynn family.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Georgia Star News and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Sidney Powell” by Sidney Powell.







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29 Thoughts to “Sidney Powell ‘Releases the Kraken’ in Georgia Lawsuit”

  1. They stole it. Sometimes I doubt that Democrats would really be this evil, so I think the CIA deep state is trying to take him down. They are the ones who created and mailed in all the Biden ballots. They have the big database on all of us. They can do it.

  2. Sal Odin

    You trump fans have 0 proof. You need to accept how many people hate trump as we have been telling you for 4 plus years. Just because one person looks over Trumps behaviour does mean the rest of us can.

    If there was proof of cheating we would know by now.

    And integrity does matter when a lawyer is trying to win a case. Her sloppiness does say something, but the biggest problem is that you all are believing lies, flat out. Trumps lawyers cannot say those lies in court, so the cases get struck down and will continue to be.

  3. Victoria Blaine

    Will this forensic data be ready for the Supreme Court? We are running out of time. I live in Georgia and I am appalled at what is going on with our Governor and the SOS. I simply have no words for the position they are taking.

    Thanks for everything you are doing

  4. KJB

    The Democratic Party is truly a pathetic group of lying, cheating, Socialists and Globalists who only want someone else to pay the freight FOR THEM. It literally makes me nauseous when I consider the possibility of Biden and Harris running the country. What a JOKE. The Politicians who hate Trump are simply afraid of losing their fraudulent use of power to enrich themselves. Trumps wants to drain the swamp of which they are a part. Of course they hate him. The other Democrat public citizens simply cannot or chose not to actually work for a living and want handouts. Many are interested in having Biden pardon their college debt which would then be paid from hard working taxpayers What a farce. As stated above, if this election stands, Democrats will be responsible for the demise of America, the Constitution and the Rule of Law and turn it into another Venezuela. If that’s what you want, that’s what you will get. Good luck trash. You will need it. Everything will be FREE but you will lose your FREEDOM……. consider that for a moment if you have the ability to think in the abstract.

  5. Jim Henley

    The Kraken is the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion treating this as cyber warfare against the United States.

    Sidney did not make up the term Kraken, that is their nickname.

  6. Michael Saurer

    I work in IT and am also a software developer. Was this election rigged? Is it plausible for software to be compromised? Why don’t you ask Mr. Bill Gates – the computer scientist-turned-overnight-Health Expert. He knows all about zero-day attacks and how the Operating System (errr…Windows) that he endorses was, is, and will always be mortal. Security in Information Technology is not a project…It is a process. Anyone who believes that ANY software application is fail-safe, let alone immune to being successfully breached, should understand that software applications are created and developed by man === Anything created by man is inherently vulnerable to being defeated by man.

  7. Paul Kannon

    I spent most of my life working with computer applications writing and designing programs, the simple question is “Why is there an algorithm needed in a simple voter adding system? If Dominion Voter systems can explain why their software needs an algorithm to add one or zero to counter for each candidate in an election?

  8. Unicorn76

    My iPad misspells words all the time.
    With limited time, expect some typos. Find them all the time in newspapers and media.

    1. Perhaps you should take a couple extra minutes to run spell check when you are FILING A LAWSUIT TO OVERTURN AN ELECTION. Just Sayin’.

      1. Jon

        When a sublime response is not possible to a profound issue a ridiculous response to a superficial issue is the last resort. Just sayin’

  9. Lisa Allen

    Yes I agree with you whole heartily – I live in WA state and we need help – Inslee has stolen our voice in this election and WA state is filled with voter fraud – please release the Kraken here so we can not only get our rightful president but Govenor as well – WA state has substantial amount of electoral votes that could be overturned – please Sidney Powell come to WA state and help us bring this fraud to light…….

  10. Robert

    wow1, a just the facts article, great job Tennessee Star! the American people can handle facts thank you for not spinning an opinion, real reporting, not sure what that looked like until now.

  11. As an indicator of quality: the “Kraken” filing in a District Court misspelled the word “District” in its heading – twice and in two different ways!

    Its central claim is that the Republican governor of Georgia is part of a massive conspiracy to elect Joe Biden over Donald Trump. I’m sure that would come as news to him lol

    1. John

      …forget the substance of the claim or any evidence therein but rather look for typographical errors to refute the claims. Smart!

      1. Oh, we could get into the substance of the claims if you really want to, but when a lawyer starts a filing by misspelling the name of the court in two different ways in the heading, you can feel comfortable that you’ll find big problems in the argument as well.

        For example, it spends a lot of time arguing that the governor conspired to install the Dominion software so he could throw the election to Biden, and that there was a violation of the Elections clause because only the Legislature can set the terms of elections – but of course the Legislature FUNDED the Dominion software, thereby giving not merely its APPROVAL of the use of Dominion, but the REQUIREMENT that Dominion be used. That’s obviously not a violation of the Elections clause.

        Likewise the statistical claims are just silly. Elections are not random events; voters don’t choose their preferred candidates by rolling dice. Advertizing, political preferences, and Get-Out-The-Vote efforts all have non-random impacts on vote tallies.

        The complaint that some ballots looked too neat to be real is just silly.

        And so on ….


          Georgia code (O.C.G.A. § 21-2-522) allows for the contesting of an election on any one or combination of five grounds:

          (1) Misconduct, fraud, or irregularity by any primary or election official or officials sufficient to change or place in doubt the result;

          (2) When the defendant is ineligible for the nomination or office in dispute;

          (3) When illegal votes have been received or legal votes rejected at the polls sufficient to change or place in doubt the result;

          (4) For any error in counting the votes or declaring the result of the primary or election, if such error would change the result; or

          (5) For any other cause which shows that another was the person legally nominated, elected, or eligible to compete in a run-off primary or election.

        2. Tim Sparks

          You forget that the Legislature approved the Dominion software based on the Recommendation of Governor Kemp. They were trusting his judgment. Misspelling of 2 words either by Sydney, her staff or the news source doesn’t negate the validity of the suits merits. This is a well founded case based on clearly fraudulent conduct.

          1. Krista Slack

            It amazes me that An American would vote for Payingv$ 5+ a gallon of gas again. It amazes me Pennsylvania And Michigan voted themselves out of Jobs. It amazes me Americans Would Vote for A Man , Who Knew Bout Hunters Dealing And Profited i. It Amazes me after Knowing Hillary Concocted And Paid For The Steele Dossier people Voted Democrat. It amazes me that Americans voted for a man who lies cheats Plagiarizes and never puts this Country First. So All You Holier Then Thou Democrats come back in 1 Year. When America is a Socialist Country. Yes, you Responsible. YOU. NOT REPUBLICANS. YOU LISTEN TO PROPAGANDA. YOU ARE TRAITORS. SUCK IT UP WITH WHOOPI AND THE SLOTH LIBERALS. YOU ARE VILE . ROB REINER BETTE MIDDLER, ALYSSA MILANO JOHN LEDGED. SURE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE A SINFLE STRUGGLE TELL YOU TO VOT FOR. HOLLYWOOD WANTS FREEDOM TO CONTINUE THE PORN AND LANGUAGE HOPE YOU LIKE IT PAYING HOW MUCH FOR HEAT $ Electricity. Health care…. still laughing. OBAMA CARE WILL BE OUT OF MONRY ON 2 YEARS. BIDEN WITH 125,000 VISA COMPARED TO 15, 000 LAST 4 YEARS AND NOW NO BOARDERS. COME ACROSS AND NO DEPORTATION. WOW GREAT FOR AMERICA. NO PAYING IN BUT EVERYTHING OUT. THANK YOU FOR MY WORKINH 54 YEARS AND YOU SPIT ON IT. ENJOY A SOCIALIST CONTRY YOU WANTED. I LOVE AMERICA YOU SPEWED AND DISGRACED HER.

        3. Elaine Coker

          Anybody with one brain cell can see that this Election was stolen. There is no argument about that, or should not be. The steal started when four Battleground states stopped counting their votes, and told the GOP watchers to go home that they were not going to count anymore that night; BUT as soon as the GOP left, the counting continued with no one there to watch them. The next morning, Biden was way ahead. Biden who couldn’t even get 200 people to show up at his rallies, while President Trump had 50,000 to 80,000.

        4. Unicorn76

          So why is it that the contested states show unexplained statistical and mathematical anomalies compared to say California and Texas and many others that were uncontested show little or minimal anomalies?

        5. Unicorn76

          You just proved your own point. Statistical and mathematical analysis looks for non random, behavior and trends. Why should one state show random unexplained irregularities whereas others do not.

          1. Joe Sixpack

            No, stats and math can be cherry picked to support almost any conclusion.

            Where the same ‘analyses’ done to ALL the states?

      2. David

        Yup! Typical Democrats!

      3. Jon

        Forget the substance of the claim or any evidence therein? It’s hard to believe a thoughtful person as you seem to be would make such a claim. Sounds more like something a so-called “deplorable” Trump supporter would say, a mindless scoff if the stereotype is accurate.

        Typographical errors do not refute the claim.
        It only reveals the 90 hour+ work weeks Powell and her team have been spending on the claims.
        Excusable, no. Understandable, yes.But more importantly of no importance to the claims therein. Again it is ridiculous to forget the claimS or the evidence because of typo’s. If the typing errors suggest shoddy claims they shouldn’t take too much work to refute. Seriously, go for it if you dare and I’ll gladly concede if reasonable evidence support your findings. Otherwise further discussion will sadly not be possible. Sad because the ending of said discussion is exactly what Powell and her ilk fear more than Biden. The end of democracy.

    2. Dan Harrington

      Wow, you liberals just can’t find a rational debate so you incessantly go to semantics or in this case a misspelled word. Very pathetic. Just in mail in ballots alone in Pennsylvania there is 700,000 more ballots counted than given out. Low estimates have between 15 to 18 million fraudulent votes for Biden. Only 4X during the entire campaign did Biden draw a crowd of more than 250 people. Trump averaged nearly 20k. Even Biden’s latest internet speech only drew 1000 people nationwide. Biden is literally owned by China and is under investigation in Ukraine. Only a fool thinks buffoon Biden received 80 million votes.

    3. Mark Geiger

      Seriously, what you really took from it is that there are some misspellings? I’m sure that you’ve done 112 page reports in the space of a few days, with lots of notes, and not made a single mistake… As is often the case, what is important (or not) is what is in the suit. Apparently you really don’t understand equal protection under the law, so make a silly comment about it, showing that ignorance off proudly. smh

    4. Krista Slack

      As Brilliant as you think your comment is, in shows Republicans once again how Lazy and Asking for hand out they are. Sydney Powell Has worked 24/7 you have the CRASS AUDICITY AND GALL THAT YOU CAN SPELLCHECK. BIDEN S A CRIMINAL AND TRAITOR. YEAH YOUR PRIORITIES ARE IN THE SWAP. I LOVE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA YOU WANT TO DESTROY IT . PIT YOUR FAMILY. YOUR VILE.

  12. Yvonne Newman

    With L♡VE, Spokane, WA
    P.S. Please investigate our Washington State! We are FED UP with Crooked Governor Inslee. ( Example, WHY are we still paying huge Liquor Taxes when it should have been dropped 2-3 yrs after the Citizens voted to privatize the industry in our state?) Washington voters voted for CULP to replace this Chinese paid off scum bag!!! PLEASE HELP!!!