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4 Thoughts to “Viewpoint Diversity ‘Strangled’ as Tennessee Colleges Promote ‘Leftist’ Ideologies, Report Says”

  1. nicky wicks

    to leftists, which are 99% of college admins/profs, diversity means you are free to believe any of the leftist-approved ideologies.

    1. Bob Cat

      Patent nonsense. What do you even mean by “leftists?” If people believe in social justice, that means they’re leftists? Meanwhile you are fine with neo-Nazis marching around and calling for genocide?

  2. John Bumpus

    School children are taught in elementary and/or high school civics courses (if civics is taught at all nowadays) that one of the inherent powers of the legislative branch of government is the power of the purse. The legislature controls the money, and thereby the public policy of the State. Legislative Leaders of the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, it seems to me that it is about time that you all ‘picked up’ the telephone and called President Randy Boyd of The University of Tennessee et al. and had (as is said in diplomatic parlance) ‘a frank and fruitful conversation’ with him/them about the radical leftist ideology that is trying to take hold in faculty lounges and in the classrooms of the publicly supported higher education institutions of the State of Tennessee. Legislative Leaders need to tell President Boyd et al. that they are not interested in hearing about his/their ‘little problems;’ they need to tell him/them to ‘fix THIS problem,’ and to ‘fix it’ YESTERDAY, or else! And if necessary, ‘heads need to roll!’

    1. Dr Ken

      Well stated John. I, along with a number of other alumni at an equally troubled university, simply took the position we will no longer contribute monies in the annual soliciting of the alum. That money spicket has been turned off, we will not assist as long as the university suppresses conservative thought while promoting the leftist agenda. We now contribute to student scholarship organizations not under university control.