Carpetbagger Morgan Ortagus Alleges Tennessee Republican Party Corruption to Entire Country on Fox News but Offers No Evidence

Former TN-5 candidate Morgan Ortagus told Fox News host Brian Kilmeade on Monday morning that the Tennessee Republican Party (TRP) is corrupt but offered no evidence to corroborate her claims.

Ortagus told Kilmeade at the close of an interview, “We’re going to work on efforts to clean up the corruption here in the Tennessee GOP as well.”

Ortagus was asked by Kilmeade about the TRP’s decision to disqualify her for running for the Republican nomination for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District.

“You’re not going to have a chance to run for the Republican nomination in Tennessee as a congresswoman,” he asked. “You got booted off the ballot, why?”

“You know, I’m not really sure, Brian,” Ortagus responded. There’s a slate of people who are really competitive and who had raised a lot of money who were deemed in a private, secret vote not to be Republican enough, which I think – we all think – is laughable.”

Kilmeade asked in a followup: “What’s next for you? Are you going to fight this still or are you going to move on?”

“Listen, we’re looking at all options but you know my life’s goal is to stand for a strong America, a strong America First agenda around the world. This is what I did for President Trump, what I’ll continue to do,” she said, closing the interview by implying the presence of corruption in the Tennessee GOP and an unspecific plan to “clean up the corruption here.”

The Tennessee Star reached out to Ortagus for comment on her allegations of corruption, asking:

1 – What specific evidence regarding allegations of corruption do you have in regards to the TNGOP decision to remove you from the ballot?

2 – Do you believe that the Tennessee Republican Party does not have the right to set standards for candidates who seek to represent it in General Elections and do you also believe that setting standards for Republican primaries is corruption?

Ortagus did not respond to The Star’s questions as of press time.

The Star previously reported that a select committee of Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee members permanently disqualified Ortagus, along with two other candidates, from running in the race for the Republican nomination for TN-5.

The TNGOP, along with its Democrat counterpart, is empowered by Tennessee state code to decide what criteria it uses to determine who can run in Republican primaries. That authority has been challenged in court before, but those challenges have failed.

Watch the interview:

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Aaron Gulbransen is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]. Follow Aaron on GETTRTwitter, and Parler.


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18 Thoughts to “Carpetbagger Morgan Ortagus Alleges Tennessee Republican Party Corruption to Entire Country on Fox News but Offers No Evidence”

  1. LM

    Andy Ogles has my vote as well, Stuart.

  2. 83ragtop50

    Fox News gets to get their act together and pin her down with the well-documented facts of why she has been denied the privilege of running as a GOP candidate. I was tired of seeing her face on Fox long before the TN-5 issue blossomed into a made-for-TV special.

  3. Hugh Brooks

    It looks like she cannot run in 2024. With the new residency law in effect she may not meet the 3 year requirement!

    What a roller coaster ride. She had President Trumps endorsement, all of that D.C. & New York money, not to mention her $ million dollar Super Pac from California, tons of political insiders, high powered political consultants and a host of “experts”. They all thought they would run the “shock & awe” campaign and just blow away the field.

    The most disgusting person in this whole sordid affair is the Senior Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham. He is one bitter man even going as far as trying to sabotage our chance for the National Republican Convention! He let his guard down and admitted that he a several other D.C. insiders recruited her to run. How arrogant & condescending.

  4. LM

    She is a manipulative woman. She is trying to drive a wedge into the TN Republican legislature on national television. Why in the world would she think she can just move into TN and become some kind of state spokeswoman? That’s pretty arrogant and presumptive. Trump has had alot of supporters in TN to be letting this blow up while he sits in silence about it. She didn’t do Marsha Blackburn any favors by getting up there and announcing their great friendship, either.

    1. Stuart I. Anderson

      She doesn’t appear to be a lady who has heard the word “NO” many times before LM so upon hearing it as an adult it causes her to react in much the same way that most of us reacted at the age of five when we hadn’t heard it all that often.

  5. Tim Price

    Ortagus has proven herself to be a spoiled RINO brat who will say whatever she thinks is necessary to make herself feel good about her version of the story. Sounds like anyone else we know (like Jen Psaki).

  6. John Bumpus

    “Ortagus was asked by Kilmeade . . . “You got booted off the ballot, why?”
    “You know, I’m not really sure, Brian,” Ortagus responded.”

    Morgan Ortagus has now revealed herself to be both DISHONEST, and that in her mind it is ALL ABOUT HER and not the people that she claimed to want to represent! Both our Tennessee Delegation to Congress, and TN-5 itself, does not need still another Representative to Congress with these qualities. We have all had enough of these personality characteristics in our political leaders during the last few years.

  7. Greg

    She also alleged anti-semitism which is obviously the case with that jerk state representative in East Tennessee. That’s not conservative values either. If we need to call out carpetbaggers, then anti-semites need calling out too.

    1. aries9899

      Greg – I have not ever heard anything from Sen. Nicely regarding this accusation. Please provide the documentation regarding these allegations.

      1. Greg

        Use any search engine to find what was said, what his TN colleagues said about his comments, and what Marsha Blackburn said about it. Maybe it wasn’t covered by The Star? Should have been though. I don’t care about Ortagus, but the comments taint the process and bring it into question.

        1. Aries9899

          I wasn’t asking for a response of “use any search engine”. If you want to malign someone regarding antisemitism then you need to provide the quote from that person otherwise you are just perpetuating the allegation or maybe it could be slander. I don’t care what Marsha said about it unless Marsha in her response specifically referenced the slur made by the East TN legislator with the specific quote of when and where it was made. I try to not listen to Marsha since she so often is just listening to what she is told, not what she is well informed about.

          1. Greg

            I never named the individual. You obviously know the story. You know what he said and how others (his republican colleagues) responded. It doesn’t help conservative causes period.

  8. Joey Verge

    I’m a little tired of this woman. Imagine moving to a place with the backing of GOP and Trump insiders to try and take a congressional seat from the local population…and then turning around and mucking everything up because you don’t get your way. My attitudes towards the GOP, Trump, and much of right leaning media has gone down really fast in this fecal storm. My life as a conservative has now become one of political isolation. All because a darling of the neocons bullied their way into my home district.

    1. Cannoneer2

      By creative redrawing, the district had already been taken away from the voters by the GOP.

      1. Joey Verge

        I get where you are coming from even though I probably sit on the other side of the fence. I never felt the new TN-5 was a sure thing for the GOP as some suggest.

        1. Cannoneer2

          I just remember the old saying “There’s winning and then there’s running up the score”. Our House delegation is 7-2 Republican, and conservative values were in no danger if things had been left the same in the 5th District. Many people who at least thought they had a voice before don’t think that way any more. It didn’t strike me as fair or necessary. Also it isn’t like we were dealing with a Rashida Tlaib or AOC either. With that I might have felt differently.

      2. Stuart I. Anderson

        What an odd way of looking at voter’s relationship to the districts in which they happen to live Cannoneer. Sort of like voters have some sort of right of ownership that can be taken away. Fanciful, to say the least. You needn’t be so negative, however, for if the 5th was “taken away from [some] voters” it was given to others. As the Tennessee constitution says, “The General Assembly can taketh from some and giveth to others.”

    2. Stuart I. Anderson

      On the contrary Joey, it has been mainly conservatives who have expressed disgust and disappointment at Trump and his entourage as well as the Washington based Republican movers and shakers foisting Madam NO upon us. You are, therefore, not in isolation at all but rather right where you belong with your conservative brothers and sisters.

      Now, of course, the hard part begins. There are a bunch of No Record Candidates running and the uniformed No Record Candidate seems to have money and support from Republicans who obviously would prefer not to see the election of a strong conservative in the 5th. It is up to us as conservatives Joey to see to it that they don’t succeed by doing what we can to elect Andy Ogles.