Citizens for Renewing America Tennessee State Director Aundrea Gomez Discusses Finding Her Place Away from the Woke

Live from Music Row Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed the newly appointed Tennessee State Director of Citizens for Renewing America, Aundrea Gomez, in-studio to talk about the personal experiences in public schools that led to her new position.

Right now, our guest is Aundrea Gomez, and she is the Tennessee state director for the Citizens for Renewing America. And so we know that you are a person of principle, because you wouldn’t wear that dopey mask in school and you got fired from Williamson County Schools.

Gomez: I did.

Leahy: Tell me what happened after that, Aundrea.

Gomez: So I was suspended. I already had a part-time job bartending. So once I was suspended, I just did that full time and continued doing that until I finished my master’s. And then decided I needed to find something else.

Leahy: So you got a master’s degree in what?

Gomez: Education. Instructional design. I was already in the program.

Leahy: Which school

Gomez: This is through Western Governors.

Leahy: Oh, yeah! That’s a great, that’s an online school.

Gomez: Yeah, online, at your own pace. I did that in one year.

Leahy: And did they require you to wear a mask when you were doing it online?

Gomez: No. (Laughter) No.

Leahy: But now you’re doing grassroots activism.

Gomez: Yes.

Leahy: Tell us about that transition.

Gomez: I started looking for full-time jobs, and every job had diversity, equity, and inclusion in their description or some sort of a vaccine mandate …

Leahy: Even here in Tennessee?

Gomez: Yes. I was actually looking for remote. And I was going to have to put pronouns on everything, and I just can’t do it. I don’t want to pretend. I’m too old for that.

Leahy: That’s kind of silly, right? And the other thing is, did you see the story about what is it like for some fifth-grade kid in Wisconsin. They had a couple of boys that were referring to a girl as she. Did you hear that story?

Gomez: I did, yes.

Leahy: But this girl said her preferred pronoun was not the singular she, but the plural they.

Gomez: And them.

Leahy: Now that’s idiotic, because the grammar doesn’t even work. And yet this is how crazy the school systems are. And yet these kids are being brought up on charges of violating Title IX for using the singular “she” to refer to a girl who prefers to be referred to by the plural “they.”

Gomez: Yes. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Leahy: Why are there so many ridiculous rules from people who should know better?

Gomez: We have lost our way in this country.

Leahy: I’ve not lost my way. Have you lost your way? Our listeners have not lost their way. Who has lost their way?

Gomez: Many people have gone away from truth.

Leahy: Yeah. That is a bizarre phenomenon I noticed. Like in the educational hierarchy, is it just … okay, if you want to make the big bucks here that you’re getting as an educational administrator, you got to follow this line of propaganda, which is not true. They seem to be readily interested in going for the money, it seems to me.

Gomez: I think it’s even outside of the school district. I think it goes all the way to the county commissions and the businesses that they’re trying to attract and the hoops they’re jumping through to attract those businesses.

Leahy: Now, when you say attract you mean like Fortune 500 companies and big companies that have all these, I don’t know, equity rules?

Gomez: Right. They want the businesses to come to Middle Tennessee so they’re going to write the agenda into the plans and that trickles down to the school system.

Leahy: So how did you connect with Citizens for Renewing America? How did that happen?

Gomez: I decided I needed to find a conservative job board.

Leahy: Is there such a thing?

Gomez: There is.

Leahy: Really?

Gomez: I think there’s one, and I came across this job.

Leahy: A conservative job board, what are the criteria? Jobs where you don’t have to genuflect before wokeness?

Gomez: Apparently, yes. It didn’t say necessarily what the criteria would be. It just said conservative job board and I just took that as these are going to be companies that aren’t going to …

Leahy: … force you to wear a mask and force you to call a woman by the pronoun “they,” go down the list of all the crazy things you have to do. So you got the gig.

Gomez: I got the gig.

Leahy: Well, congratulations.

Gomez: It was perfect.

Listen to the interview:

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