Tennessee GOP Chairman Confirms Donald Trump Will be the GOP Nominee, Republican National Convention Will Not be Impacted by Sentencing Outcome

Donald Trump

Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden confirmed in an interview Thursday that former President Donald Trump will be the Republican Party’s presidential nominee amid his upcoming July 11 sentencing date where a Manhattan judge could order him to prison immediately.

One week ago, Trump was found guilty by a Manhattan jury on all 34 counts in the falsification of business records linked to the Stormy Daniels hush money scandal.

Trump’s sentencing day is just before the Republican National Convention, by Judge Juan Merchan.

Despite this, Golden said Trump will be the GOP nominee, whether he is nominated after or before his sentencing date.

“Look, President Trump is going to be the nominee of the Republican Party, and I don’t know if that will happen on July 18 or could it happen on July 10. Or, does it even matter? He is the nominee,” Golden said on Thursday’s edition of The Michael Patrick Leahy Show.

Golden went on to explain that Trump’s sentencing date will not affect the convention, which will still take place as planned.

“Like I say, 25,000 hotel rooms have been reserved. Security barricades. This is what is called a unified security event… The convention is going to happen. Republicans are coming,” Golden said.

Milwaukee will host the Republican National Convention from July 15-18, where tens of thousands of delegates, guests, and press members will attend.

Golden also addressed rumors that former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who dropped out of the presidential race earlier this year, would somehow impact Trump’s nomination amid his legal woes.

“I will say this: Obviously, one of the things that came out of 2016 is that the RNC members themselves, so the 168 members of the RNC, are bound by one ballot for whoever wins their state. Now that was a change because prior to that, the RNC members were what we used to call super delegates, which is what the Democrats do. So they’re bound by one delegate. Of course, in Tennessee, we have 55 delegates that were elected and appointed, and by Tennessee law, they are bound for two ballots for whoever wins the state. President Trump was a winner take all, so he won everything. So all 58 of Tennessee delegates are bound to President Trump,” Golden explained.

“I’ve seen some stuff about somebody recently, like how this could impact and Nikki Haley could come in…Everybody in the state of Tennessee that’s a delegate is voting for Donald Trump,” Golden added.

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Follow Kaitlin on X / Twitter.
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One Thought to “Tennessee GOP Chairman Confirms Donald Trump Will be the GOP Nominee, Republican National Convention Will Not be Impacted by Sentencing Outcome”

  1. Steve Allen

    I just came across this X post and want to share it. I believe this writer truly sums up why we will vote for President Trump.

    I’ve been on this platform since 2009 and I NEVER liked Trump. I didn’t watch his TV show. I didn’t read his books.
    I never paid attention to what some rich New Yorker did or said. Until he came down the escalator and I listened to what he said.
    I understood immediately that he was not a polished speaker. He wasn’t a trained politician.
    And I knew what he meant.
    Then, I saw how the media and random career politicians reacted. Labeling him racist over Mexico not sending their best.
    He gave a rally in Arizona and McCain insulted the people who came to it as crazies. And Trump, the unpolished speaker, went right after McCain.
    McCain went after The People. Trump went after McCain on behalf of The People. And me? I became a fan.
    So now, here we are. I’ve watched as the idiots in the media, the uniparty, the alphabet institutions, and now, the Lawfare brigade have tried to break this one man.
    For that barrage of BS, I will crawl through glass, bees, slime, and shit to vote for Trump.
    He doesn’t have to pay me. He has earned my loyalty and respect. Not because of his glowing smooth perfection, but because, despite his gaffs, imperfections, and mistakes, he keeps going. For We The People.
    There is no carefully crafted, vetted, and slick talking politician who will suffer, as Trump has, to protect me and mine. Trump has and will. As long as he stands. I will stand with him.
    The more they hate him.
    The firmer I plant my feet.

    Babe Elder