It’s Time to Take Care of Our Own Health

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Health care “reform” is once again in the news. And while I am happy to see any increase in our choices as citizens and consumers, the conversation is still about other people – politicians – deciding the future of our health care. This is the wrong emphasis.

Most Americans want to see those who have special situations get the care they need. And I think that most want as much personal freedom as possible, allowing them to make their own health care choices. Accomplishing both these goals should not be a difficult chore.

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking about what I’d personally like to see more of in health care plans:

An increased emphasis on help to get or remain healthy. For instance, gym membership and fitness class discounts (such as done by the SilverSneakers program for senior citizens), and affordable access to blood work, nutritionists, personal trainers and other specialists. Trainers can guide clients through targeted 12-week sessions covering weight and fat loss, lean muscle mass retention and gain, strength and mobility training, etc.

Plans such as these will be more popular as the public demands them.

I also want to see more freedom to choose in the marketplace, just as we’re free to choose other goods and services. But in order to make our own decisions in the marketplace, we have to be able to see what we’re deciding between; so transparent, visible pricing is a must. After all, in how many other fields are the prices of the goods and services so hidden? Do you think that affects the price the provider can get away with charging? You already know the answer to that.

Most important, we simply need to see our health as our own responsibility. Seeing that requires that we finally take back our own health care. As a Certified Personal Trainer, I regularly see men and women with severely compromised health. Overweight, injured, and otherwise compromised individuals are the norm now among the aging population. Diabetes, high blood pressure, artificial hips and knees, and a host of other issues are strikingly common.

So how do we begin to take back our own health care?

This starts in some fairly simple places, because great health is a fairly simple proposition.

Here are some suggestions:

1.     Spend some quiet time alone each morning and evening.

2.     Let go of bitterness toward yourself and others.

3.     Get outside for some sun and fresh air. 

4.     Drink more water to flush out the junk.

5.     Cut back on sugar.

6.     Eat lean protein and fiber.

7.     Eat healthy fats.

8.    Find something active you enjoy doing and do it regularly.

9.     Learn to properly lift heavy things safely, and include some of this in your regular routine.

10.   Move and stretch.

11.    Socialize, but not too much.

12.   Spend more time off the electronic devices.

Americans have a proud, independent, and I might add, healthy lineage. Our forefathers would never have put up with politicians, health care providers, insurance companies, or anyone else treating them like children. We shouldn’t put up with it either. It’s way past time to take back our own health care, and our own lives.


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Patrick Rooney is the Founder and President of GREEK PHYSIQUE™, LLC, which specializes in functional body sculpting for men and women in Middle Tennessee and worldwide via phone and Skype. Patrick is Certified through the National Association of Fitness Certification (NAFC). Email questions or training inquiries to [email protected].


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