EXCLUSIVE: King of Boston Talk Radio Howie Carr Chats with Leahy About Elizabeth Warren’s Nerve in Speaking to Native Americans After Falsifying Heritage


On Thursday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Leahy chatted with good friend Howie Carr, known as the king of Boston talk radio, about Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s recent speech to Native Americans and the complete disregard of her fraudulent “Native American” past.

Towards the end of the show, Leahy and Carr talked about how Warren had recently taken down a video on her website claiming to show proof of her “native” heritage and how the Boston Globe has been supportive of her lies.

Leahy: We are joined on the line now by our good friend, Howie Carr, the talk radio king of Boston. And Howie, Elizabeth Warren went to a group of Native Americans the other day. By the way this is fake Native American Elizabeth Warren, Pocahontas. And she said she made mistakes. Did she say what those mistakes were Howie?

Carr: She got her usual bombing class. She came in with a bunch of awful proposals. Basically, it’s the same awful proposals she offers to anybody else. Trillions upon trillions of dollars. If Bernie Sanders offered the Native Americans two trillion dollars. She’s going to offer them 4 trillion dollars.

I think, Michael, the main reason she went to this conference and issued even this half-hearted non-apology, apology is she wanted to change the subject from the tweet that she sent out on the fifth anniversary of Ferguson, Missouri. She said that Michael Brown had been murdered. And Kamala Harris said the same thing. I mean just an outrageous lie.

Leahy: What? Elizabeth Warren lied? Howie, I’m shocked.

Carr: I know. I know. But again, the pandering is just astonishing. They’re all pandering on the Democratic side. Almost all of them. But you know the level that Elizabeth Warren has taken it to is just amazing. But she goes in there and I love the fact too that they give her this polite round of applause.

And the moderators seem to be more surprised that they are not more eager to hear from this woman. She’s a fraud! She’s addressing the mistreatment of Native Americans at the hands of fork-tongued white eyes. I mean she’s the ultimate fork-tongued white eye, isn’t she? It’s amazing that she thinks she can get away with this.

Leahy: She’s been claiming to be Native American since she filed that allegedly plagiarized recipe in the 1984 classic that you and I discovered, the “Pow Wow Chow Cookbook.” Remember that Howie?

Carr: Right. And then you now it’s like a criminal career. You don’t start out robbing a bank right? You start out shoplifting. So Pow Wow Chow was her version of ethnic fraud shoplifting. Then two years later it’s the Texas bar application where she lists herself as an American Indian. Never gets caught.

A year or so later she’s listing her self on job applications to Ivy League law schools first the University of Pennsylvania and then Harvard. And she got away with it. We had a guy on the show the other day, you should get him on, named Gavin Clarkson. He’s a Senate candidate. A republican in New Mexico.

And he actually got this law degree and MBA at Harvard in the same double program that Mitt Romney was in decades earlier. He had read in the Crimson, “Harvard signs the first woman of color, not just a Native American and get’s ten-year position.” So he was the head of one of these Indian groups at Harvard. This was 1995 I guess.

And he kept asking her over and over again for years to come address the group. And he actually went down to Harvard law school, across the river from where he usually was at the business school. And she treated him like Dracula treats a crucifix or a clover of garlic you know? (Leahy laughs) She was like backing off.

Leahy: Yeah.

Carr: Because this guy could reveal her as a fraud.

Leahy: She made these false claims with zero documentary evidence and zero DNA evidence. Then finally, finally, Howie, in October she posts this result of a DNA test that shows she has maybe 1/1000th 24ths DNA in common with people who are from Peru, Columbia and Mexico (i.e. none) with Native Americans.

Carr: Remember George Zimmerman the guy who shot Trayvon Martin? His mother was a Peruvian. And as I recall he was a white man.

Leahy: (Laughs) Yeah, really.

Carr: He was a white man. She may, maybe 164th on a good day Peruvian. And she’s claiming Native American heritage. She put out this big video on their website when she announced this because she thought it was going to clear her. And the Boston Globe thoughtfully botched the map and said she was 1/32nd.

But she just took the video off this weekend. I’m very saddened. It’s the worst news I’ve gotten all week, Michael, because I was in that video when I was with Trump in Bangor, Maine three years ago. I gave the Indian woo. Of course, I was accused of being a racist because she thought she was going to put me in my racist place. Now she’s taken the video down. It’s disappointing as I say.

Leahy: Howie, I was going to ask you about that. This was her big reveal, right? Allegedly she thought would make the case that she really is Native American except it didn’t. It made the case that she’s not. It was on her website. Big production in October. Landed with a thud. Now she’s disappeared it, Howie.

Carr: Right, and then she goes around saying, “There’s been exhausted investigation by the Boston Globe that I really didn’t cheat.” Well, for one thing, it’s the Boston Globe. How many fraudulent scandals have they had on their reporting? And the other interesting thing Michael, I don’t think people have noticed this.

The person who wrote the story was a woman named Annie Linskey she spent six months on it. So two weeks after the story appears in the Globe allegedly clearing Elizabeth Warren of fraudulent use of her bogus Native American heritage.

This woman Annie Linskey goes to the Washington Post and suddenly breaks the story of the Texas bar application proving that she was absolutely using it as a fraudulent claim. So our theory is maybe the Globe didn’t want to print the truth as they so often haven’t.

Leahy: (Chuckles) Yeah.

Carr: So Linskey left and goes to the Washington Post and breaks the only big story from the “investigation.”

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