Former Army JAG: Military Leaders Firing Doctors Granting COVID-19 Vax Exemptions, Rescinding Exemptions

Neil W. McCabe, the national political editor of The Star News Network, interviewed attorney and former Army JAG officer Sean Timmons about corruption in the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate program.

Timmons said he knows personally of incidents where Army doctors have been dismissed from their duties after they granted their soldier-patients medical exemption from the mandate. Later, leaders rescinded those exemptions.


McCabe: Army National Guardsmen and other soldiers who have requested a medical exemption from Big Army’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate continue to serve as they await a decision.

Attorney and former Army JAG officer Sean Timmons told The Star News Network work that this process is corrupted by military leaders who overrule doctors and rescind medical exemptions those doctors have granted.

Timmons: We’ve seen senior military commanders who are overruling independent physicians and putting them under duress to change their medical opinion. That to me is an unethical and unlawful action.

I’ve seen it across different army installations, so individual physicians and their duty to care for their patients are conducting examinations and saying, yes, I agree you should be given a medical exemption. I need a waiver for mandatory vaccination.

McCabe: Timmons said he has personal knowledge of an army doctor who was dismissed from his duties after the doctor signed off on a medical exemption based on the danger the COVID-19 vaccine posed to one of his soldier patients.

Timmons: That physician was removed from his job and then overruled, and they made the soldier see another doctor who then complied with the mandate from higher command to deny medical waivers and medical exemptions.

McCabe: The partner at Tully Rinckey said the treatment of that physician was beyond unethical. It was illegal.

Timmons: That to me is wholly unlawful because you’re removing the patient and provider privilege communications and you’re removing the ethical concern the doctor has as a duty to treat a patient.

And by just having a doctor rubber stamp whatever action the command once is not complying with this ethical duty to provide care independent of duress from unethical actors.

McCabe: Timmons said he and other lawyers at his firm have successfully argued in front of some separation boards that the mandate itself is an unlawful order.

Timmons: The COVID-19 vaccine directive to take the shot that’s being provided at this time is an unlawful order because it is a medication, not really a vaccine, and if the medication is experimental and it is not effective to the extent advertised.

McCabe: Reporting for The Star News Network, Neil W. McCabe, Washington.




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One Thought to “Former Army JAG: Military Leaders Firing Doctors Granting COVID-19 Vax Exemptions, Rescinding Exemptions”

  1. Steve Allen

    The first tenant of the Hippocratic Oath is; do no harm. If a physician believes/knows that the vaccinations are dangerous they have to questions whether they should administer them. And anyone with an inquiring mind, who wants to know the truth, will have found out by now that the vaccinations are a serious health threat and are far more dangerous than just developing natural immunity through infection.

    The other day a couple of customers struck up a conversation with my wife about covid. They asked my wife it she had been vaccinated and if she had been infected. She answered no to both questions. The customers then went into detail about all of their persistent health issues since being vaccinated, with an emphasis on how they now seriously regret being vaccinated.

    The release of the Chinese virus, and the covid vaccinations, are the greatest crime against humanity in recorded history…and no one is being held accountable. In fact, those in power continue to try and coerce the populous into getting more shots. By forcing our military to get vaccinated their (service members) health and fitness is being greatly jeopardized. Add to that the marxist indoctrination of those in service and it’s no wonder recruitment is down 40%. It will get to the point that the armed private citizens of America will be the force to reckon with in the event our current administration starts WWIII.

    And for Gov Lee to not stand up in support Tennessee’s guard troops is unconscionable. I think he has become delusional as to what the near future holds.