Hunter Biden Misses Deadline for House GOP’s Records Request

by Eric Lendrum


Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden failed to provide all relevant documents about his overseas business dealings to the House Oversight Committee by the midnight deadline Wednesday.

The New York Post reports that the younger Biden’s failure to meet the deadline could lead to a subpoena and a subsequent legal battle. According to a spokesman for the committee, Hunter’s attorney Abbe Lowell is still refusing to hand over the records that were requested by Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.). Comer has also requested documents from Joe Biden’s brother James Biden, as well as Hunter’s former business associate Eric Schwerin.

“We have received correspondence from the attorneys representing Hunter Biden and James Biden,” said the spokesman. “We are also in contact with Eric Schwerin’s attorney and expect him to start producing documents to the Oversight Committee soon.”

Comer had previously said on February 8th that these documents could reveal the extent of the Biden family’s corruption, and the fact that “the Biden family business model is built on Joe Biden’s political career and connections.”

“Biden family members attempted to sell access around the world, including individuals who were connected to the Chinese Communist Party, to enrich themselves to the detriment of American interests,” said Comer. “If President Biden is compromised by deals with foreign adversaries and they are impacting his decision making, this is a threat to national security.”

Lowell sent a letter to Comer outright defying his request, attacking the congressman and the investigation as a whole.

“Peddling your own inaccurate and baseless conclusions under the guise of a real investigation, turns the Committee into ‘Wonderland’ and you into the Queen of Hearts shouting, ‘sentence first, verdict afterwards,’” Lowell’s letter read in part.

James Biden’s attorney also refused to cooperate, saying that he had “serious reservations about the purported legislative purpose of your inquiry.”

The well-documented foreign business careers of the Biden family have long been a primary target for the Republican Party, and a top priority once the party regained a majority in the House of Representatives in last year’s midterm elections. The Bidens, particularly Hunter and James, made numerous business connections in such countries as Russia, China, and Ukraine either during or after Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president; both men often made millions by simply using the family name and Joe’s political status as leverage to broker such deals, in exchange for political connections for their overseas business partners.

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Eric Lendrum graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he was the Secretary of the College Republicans and the founding chairman of the school’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter.



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6 Thoughts to “Hunter Biden Misses Deadline for House GOP’s Records Request”

  1. Johnny

    He can’t take the road of Trump meadows, pence & perry ! Looks the same to me! What’s good for the goose is good for the rest, How’s that stolen election thief theory working out ? Not good because it didn’t happen

  2. Johnny

    Trump has never made deadline in his life, The draft board is still waiting for his heel spurs to heal!

  3. Dave

    Why won’t they arrest Hunter? The answer is because it will lead to the President and that would be bad for the nation. This is an example of corruption running so deep. It truly a uniparty.

  4. daniel miller

    Throw him in jail until the documents are provided

  5. Jaye

    What was the legislative purpose demanding Trump’s tax returns. SCOTUS found no problem asking for them.

    Why do the Biden’s think they get a pass? Legislative purpose is what the legislators say it is.

  6. Anthony Melton

    Cue the strongly worded letter from Congress.