Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted Lays Framework for Future Statewide Run for Office

Ohio Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted has started laying the framework for a future run for statewide office.

Husted’s office announced on Wednesday that the Ohio Secretary of State‘s Office received a “Designation of Treasurer” from the lieutenant governor, which establishes who will oversee the purse strings of a campaign committee.

Ohio law allows a candidate to possess only one campaign committee with their name. “Husted for Ohio” became unavailable when Husted became Governor Mike DeWine‘s running mate in 2017. The “DeWine Husted for Ohio” committee was renamed for DeWine only. “Jon Husted for Ohio” is the name of the newly-formed committee.

Husted’s announcement did not identify specifically which office he intended to run for, although it did mention “statewide, executive office.” He served as Ohio’s secretary of state and is currently serving his second term as lieutenant governor. Husted is one of several likely Republican candidates to run in 2026 to replace DeWine, who can’t run for reelection due to term limits.

Husted selected Blake McNamara to be the campaign’s finance director. Husted’s campaign for Secretary of State and earlier DeWine-Husted campaigns used McNamara as their finance director.

Husted unveiled a new campaign website in conjunction with his statement. Like the news release, the website doesn’t specify what office he may eventually seek.

“Our family and faith have led Tina and me on our journey of service to others. We have done that in our community, through non-profit organizations, our church, and in public office. I am proud of what we have accomplished and of the direction Ohio is now heading, but there is more work to be done. After thought and prayer, Tina and I have agreed: We will continue serving this state and its people – working toward a more prosperous future for everyone, and we will do so as long as the people of Ohio will have us,” Husted said.

After his re-election alongside DeWine in the November 2022 election, Husted is currently serving his second term as lieutenant governor of Ohio.

Husted declared his intention to run for governor of Ohio in 2018. However, Husted withdrew from the bid for governor midway through the primary season and joined DeWine as his running mate.

Husted formerly held positions in both chambers of the Ohio State Legislature and served as Ohio Secretary of State from 2011 to 2019.

Matt Mayer, who has overseen two conservative think tanks in Ohio, declared his intention to run for governor earlier this month. Also thought of as a potential contender is Attorney General Dave Yost.

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