Jack Maxey: Hunter’s Laptop Reveals His Pre-COVID-19 Interest in Pandemic Tracker Metabiota

Neil W. McCabe, the national political editor of The Star News Network, interviewed Navy veteran and businessman Jack Maxey about his uncovering of Hunter Biden’s 2014 support of the San Francisco-based pandemic tracking and predictive analytics company Metabiota. Maxey said he was originally tipped off about Biden and Metabiota by an American military intelligence operative.


McCabe: Navy veteran and businessman Jack Maxey has devoted the last two years to unlocking the secrets of Hunter Biden’s laptop. In his exclusive interview with The Star News Network, Maxey said he had never heard of Metabiota.

Maxey: I first discovered anything about Metabiota when some brave Americans from U.S. military intelligence came to me last summer. They had two questions for me.

One, was anything on there about Metabiota? And I said, yes, there’s an email there from Eric Schwerin to Hunter saying, we’ve got to get together with your secretary in Beijing, Xiao Ying. Her husband could be a real help to Metabiota.

McCabe: When he searched Hunter’s laptop, he found that long before COVID-19, Hunter was familiar with the pandemics database and predictive analytics company based in San Francisco.

In May 2014, Hunter’s partners were discussing how to make the connection between their own employees, Xiao Ying, and her husband, the leader of China’s Center for Disease Control.

Maxey: His name is George Gao. G-A-O or Fu Gao sometimes. He’s a top dog in the Chinese CDC and in the Chinese Communist Party. He worked hand-in-glove with Metabiota inside the Wuhan lab.

McCabe: In the previous March, Hunter and his partners were discussing how their investment in Metabiota would give them a 5,000 percent profit.

Maxey: When we went to the scraped side, we found another 267 emails in a kind of cursory fashion – and maybe more, because they often spelled things wrong – describing Metabiota, describing discussions between Hunter and Evan with the executives at Burisma. Even before they were hired by Burisma trying to get them to invest in Metabiota.

McCabe: Hunter and his colleagues let the Ukrainians know that they had contacts in the U.S. government, the Navy veteran said.

Maxey: And the Burisma guys are like, so let me get this straight – this is like a black operation of the United States government, but it’s a private corporation and it can’t fail? Yeah, pretty much. I’m paraphrasing. But that’s what the conversations were. Let’s remember Hunter and his partners made millions of dollars on this.

McCabe: Reporting for The Star News Network, Neil W. McCabe, Washington.



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