Metro Nashville Council Member Wants People Not Wearing a Mask to Be Charged with Murder or Attempted Murder


Metro Nashville At-Large Council Member Sharon Hurt said Wednesday during a virtual meeting of the Joint Public Safety and Health Committee that there should be stronger legislation for those not wearing masks and suggested they be charged with murder or attempted murder.

Hurt said that she works for an organization that, “If they pass the virus, then they are tried for murder or attempted murder.”

Hurt thinks the same standard should apply to the general public.

“This person who may very well pass this virus that’s out in the air because they’re not wearing a mask is basically doing the same thing to someone who contracts it and dies from it,” she said.

“Maybe there needs to be stronger legislation to say that if you do not wear a mask, and you subject exposure of this virus to someone else then there will be some stronger penalty as it is in other viruses that are exposed,” the council member added.

Hurt’s suggestion comes as the Nashville-Davidson County COVID-19 dashboard indicates a recent decline in new daily cases of COVID-19 and a fatality rate of 0.9 percent.

With regard to mask enforcement, Hurt was critical of the actions to date.

“It seems to me that we have been more reactive as opposed to proactive and a little too late, too little,” Hurt said.

Hurt had to be reminded by Metro Nashville’s Director of Legislative Affairs Mike Jameson, who also participated in the virtual meeting, whose jurisdiction it is to create a new code or class of criminal offenses.

“The Council does not have the opportunity on its own to create criminal legislation,” he said. “In terms of creating a new code or class of criminal offenses, that is a creature of state law.”

Hurt expressed her disappointment, “I was afraid that was going to be the answer.”

“I guess that’s the whole point of asking for something to be done as early as the Council was pushing,” she added.  “It seems it was not taken as seriously as it should have been and thus we are in the situation we are in right now.”

Hurt’s proposal came the same day that Mayor John Cooper issued a statement that the Metro Nashville Police Department was ordered to issue citations to persons not complying with the Health Department’s mask order.

The new initiative involves increasing police presence on Friday and Saturday nights with 24 officers conducting walking patrols on Broadway from 3:30 p.m. to midnight.  An additional six officers will be on ATVs to stop and cite any “transpotainment” vehicles operating in violation of the Health Department’s prohibition.

The additional 30 officers is an increase over the 19 school resource officers who have been on Broadway working on public mask compliance on prior Friday and Saturday nights since mid-July, the statement said.

Mayor Cooper once again enhanced his clampdown on Nashville’s main tourism attraction by prohibiting alcoholic beverage sale, possession or consumption except for on-premises or delivery through his Public Health Order 10 that went into effect Saturday.

The video of the Joint Public Safety and Health Committee can be watched here with Metro Council Member-At-Large Sharon Hurt beginning at the 1:01:40 mark.

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Laura Baigert is a senior reporter at The Tennessee Star.
Photo “Sharon Hurt” by Sharon Hurt.








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147 Thoughts to “Metro Nashville Council Member Wants People Not Wearing a Mask to Be Charged with Murder or Attempted Murder”

  1. The Metro Nashville Police Department announced Monday that officers are being provided with printed advisories to give to people they encounter who are not in compliance with the order.

  2. Carter Mitchell

    After listening to the council meeting, one thing has become perfectly clear to me. I will under no circumstances visit Nashville for any reason, and our plans to escape the morons running Illinois by moving to Tennessee must be reconsidered. More research is obviously required to determine if other areas of Tennessee have fallen victim to the same forces of sheer stupidity that have infected Nashville and Davidson County.

  3. LibertyRising

    I’m confused: is being brain-dead a qualification or is it a requirement for membership on your city council?
    This broad seems to be over-qualified.

  4. Deano

    Including Pelosi ?

  5. Tom White

    Remove this woman from office and put her someplace where her insane thinking can not affect anyone. I’m not sure these psychopaths can even be helped–isolation would probably be best.

  6. Alex

    Face it: You know exactly WHY she was voted into office.

    1. Clem

      These are the same people who DEMANDED the war on drugs and now complain that there are police enforcing drug laws in their neighborhood!

  7. She has GOT to be one of those America hating Democrats hell bent on seeing the country burn rather than do anything positive at all for the people of Nashville. There is noi good purpose or reason to enact ANY of the lunacy that this idiot is suggesting. The ONLY thing this will accomplish is restricting or removing even more of our civil rights and liberties making the country weaker and further dividing us.

  8. Chau

    The one good thing about this virus is that it’s exposed and auditing everyone who has authoritarian like behavior and those who prioritizes freedoms first. Sharon has demonstrated that she is incapable of distinguishing the latter. Anyone who uses fear to justify executing a criminal law or has a lot more in common with Adolf Hitler than the common American

    1. Jim


  9. Faith Ann Scheck

    Vote her out. Stupid on many levels

    1. Robert Scott

      Many comments are correct on this Sharon psychopath Karen willing to charge someone with murder for not wearing a mask. Remember the CDC on its own website states, “ thought to spread by person to person contact…” Why do they say thought? It is because the scientific FACT is it has NEVER been proved as contagious from person to person. That concept is 100% theory and never in 100 years has and influenza/virus been proven to cause a disease, nor been transmitted person to person. You can make someone sick but since no virus has ever been Isolated actual disease causing effect has NEVER been proven. This is why masks are irrelevant!!!!!

  10. na

    Hi. I’m sharon, and I’m here to Hurt you.

  11. J Wilson

    Will all the people in favor of abortion be brought up on murder charges also?

  12. William Bruce

    What an ignorant woman. Why is she serving in this capacity? Since people die from automobile accidents you could use the same logic to charge anyone who drives a car with murder.

  13. Monty Rackley

    This woman should be removed from office! Idiots who make idiotic statements like these are unfit for public office and are often responsible for fear-based and fear-driven types of decisions and the absolute worst kinds of laws. These morons are eroding our constitutional liberties and freedoms. They should send her to communist China where big government can make all her decisions and keep her cowardly butt safe.

  14. Gene Finn

    Where was this idiot trying this during the joke of “stay at home” mandates in April and May?

  15. jmstettner

    I wonder if Sharon W. Hurt would be so eager to vote for criminal charges for politicians who vote for initiatives that lead to demonstrable public harm or are found to have lied to the public in their role as public servant?

    My guess is that neither her bachelor’s degree from Tennessee State University nor her M.A. in nonprofit leadership from Belmont University included much in the area of science or medicine, so her understanding of virology and pathology are weak.

  16. cyndi carpenter

    Herd immunity would be better than masks. Unless you mandate a particular type a mask and glasses it does not matter. The virus is so small it is not stopping anything. A N95 mask is the best but only filters the inhale not the exhale. This is all insane.

  17. Gina

    Complete idiot! Just looking for attention! Trying to get herself noticed by the liberal media!!!! So sad. Go get a life! Or maybe talk to people who have real problems, which is what you were elected to do.

  18. This is what the Democrats breed. When their not aborting each other - which is actually a good thing. IMO

    What a frickin’ maroon!

  19. QuestionEverything

    Remove this ignorant and dangerous person from office, ASAP!

  20. Kerry redmond

    And when people start collapsing or dropping dead from the effects of wearing a mask 24/7, then the person, MAYOR, that forced it on them should be charged with murder or attempted murder! All is fair in love and war b*tch!

    1. Bill Williams

      Ask Norway and Sweden how their no mask policy worked out. As well as their no lockdown action?

    2. Uriel

      Face masks are a health hazard .. there is a regulation about them…we could take this woman and all these idiots to court for endangering OUR health

  21. No

    I declare her with control b*tch syndrome and give her medicine to help her mind her business.

  22. Lee Johnsonbaugh

    Would anyone tell her and her associates about “corpus delicti”!

  23. John

    Nobody ever accused her of being intelligent.

  24. Kellie

    Can we charge her with theft and/or aggravated burglary for the future 34-37% tax hike on Davidson County property owners.

  25. Clint

    Wow, as if Covid-19 is similar to AIDS back when there was no hope…. Unknowledgeable who think they know enough are too willing to reveal themselves.

  26. Daniel


  27. LED

    She just murdered her own career in local government.

    1. Valiant

      Another covid Karen!

  28. Steve

    How exactly does she think she will prove someone got this transmitted and when exactly that occurred when it’s pretty common knowledge that not only are viruses not spread through the air the tests being administered have a 50% and upward false positive reading? This is what you get when you elect emotionally unstable black women to your city council and other positions where they are not functionally capable of handling it. Women should not be in leadership roles. Have we learned nothing from the dumpster fire that is Germany?

    1. Kellie

      What does being black or a woman have to do with it? Her statements are idiotic, but not because she has breasts. Much like I would assume your ignorant statements aren’t because you have a penis.

      1. MadMagyar

        = LOW IQ, willfully ignorant/uninformed and more emotionally unstable, for one.

    2. Gina

      Not so fast on the women bashing. Were not all so inept and unintelligent as this woman. Some of us are educated and get our information from science and history, not the tabloids!

  29. Hugh

    What an ignorant, moronic statement. This individual needs to be removed from office for even suggesting such a thing.

    1. Uriel

      Case in point — de Blasio, Newsom, Schiff, Schumer, and so on and so on..then there is Pelosi and a whole passel of females BASICALLY Gender Neutral as long as they are left of central thinking and card carrying communist Democrat

  30. Melanie D Bates

    150+ years of science proves her inadequate understanding of the subject. That’s why elected officials should stick to their jobs by protecting our Constitutional rights. I see no reason why I or anyone else should dumb down to accomodate such ignorance, and I do believe the threat of false imprisonment will result in the awakening of the silent majority.

    1. Timothy Walters

      Do you think this will wake anyone up? I thought the passage of the PATRIOT Act, with its creation of the DHS, the TSA, and the evisceration of the Constitution at large and the 4th Amendment in particular would have done that 20 years ago, but people cheered it all in the name of security and fighting “th’ tarrists”. I thought maybe the state forcing businesses to close at gunpoint for weeks and months, and then imposing “social distancing” rules and mask requirements would have done it over the past few months, but the majority of people simply comply and some seem to welcome it.

      This woman, as terrible as she is, is just the face of America today. Sheeple begging to be ruled.

  31. Thomas C Albrecht

    This woman is not fit to be in government, she is Not mentally sound!!!

    1. Bud Savoie

      Why isn’t she wearing a mask in the picture?

  32. RC

    Another fine example of the Marxist insanity of the democrats. Their every waking thought is how to destroy every aspect of American liberty.
    To re-make America into another Venezuela, or even worse China.

    1. ikomrad

      This is the truth. Her name is Sharon but I think of her as a Karen.

      Masks don’t even work, and the 2 week lock down to slow the spread of the virus had gone on for months.

      “Fool me once..” comes to mind.

    2. Sreid

      Another low-IQ authoritarian imposing their stampeding ignorance on the public. Of course, it takes an even lower IQ public to vote these cretins into office.

      1. RTC

        & they can vote them cretins back out

  33. Man In The Wilderness

    What do they expect? They voted for these libtards and now people wonder why the losers think this way. Get with it Nashville, your voting SUCKS. Keep electing these libtards and you will be just like NYC. In debt, without hope and without anyone believing it is worth coming to Nashville for anything. Heck Branson, Mo is not that far away!!!

    1. Cheryl Sheppard

      No this is ridiculous our rights are restricted more and more everyday but this is going Beyond the realm of Common Sense I think people need to have their head examined who in the world would think of this

      1. Cheryl Sheppard

        By the way if mask was the answer then why did so many prisoners get released why didn’t they just give them a mask now we have dangerous people running amok and they don’t even wear masks either

    1. Jody Khrestinin

      Yep, and socialist…don’t forget that one…

  34. Tom Thumb

    Just after they wanted themselves to be exempt from wearing them (politicians).

    KMA, ugly lady.

  35. Perry Davis


  36. Jack

    Many of us have breathing disorders. Forcing us into a mask is attempted murder.

  37. T.o.m.

    Nashville soon to be as dead as NYC. Never another tourist. The governor needs to clamp down in these tyrants and open the state as is North Dakota.

    1. RC

      This is what the democrats want for all of America.

  38. Deserttrek

    The woman is certifiable and needs to be heavily medicated and locked away for her safety and the good of society
    Kung Flu insanity will be in the books years from now

    1. Valiant

      And to think I had wondered how satan would gain control of freedom loving Americans! She has sold out lock, stock, and barrel!


    Get this dumb ass out of here. People have lost their god damn minds.

  40. John

    I don’t know if the following link will be allowed, but according to the CDC almost nobody is dying from Covid:

    (replace the DOT, obviously)

    1. Mary

      The causal death rate is less than a half a percent across the US. This frenzy over COVID-19 is all politically and monetarily driven. It’s ridiculous and what’s worse is people just blindly believe what they are told. They should do some research on their own.

      1. RC

        Indeed so. Most people are blind followers–they refuse to even fact check.

      2. Hillary

        You can give them a ton of evidence and they still believe the gubmin because they are so brainwashed and cant think for themselves.

    2. Mary

      You are absolutely right, John! If you take the number of deaths on the CDC web site (which are likely over-reported anyway) and divide it by our US population, the causal death rate is less than 1/2 a percent. What’s the frenzy about???? I say it’s politically and monetarily driven. The far left wants to keep us home and the bureaucrats want big pharma to collect on their new vaccine and remdesivir. Heaven forbid we use cheaper long proven drugs that work like HCQ, azithromyacin, and zinc.

    3. raven.pendragon

      Wow, yeah. Thanks for posting!

  41. Jeff

    Murder charge for not wearing a mask, but she probably has no issue with abortion, doesn’t believe in school choice, and has no solution for single parent families, crime, or gang violence. But, she’s all for a murder charge for not wearing a mask.

  42. Nona

    I suspect ““If they pass the virus, then they are tried for murder or attempted murder” refers to HIV.

    But this ugly woman is literally retarded. Covid-19 is not HIV.

    Most people dying of covid-19 also have diabetes, obesity, lung problems, high blood pressure, etc…maybe rather than charging innocent people with murder simply for being outdoors, Hurt should focus on promoting healthier lifestyles…

    ….but I guess that would mean getting her fat ass into action, and that’s harder than blaming strangers.

    1. Remove Hurt

      Hahahhahah 😂😂😂

  43. Jack Rail

    Well, Sharon Hurt, how you gonna prove that the person without the mask is the person who infected somebody? How do you know that person wasn’t infected by somebody else earlier that morning? A supposition of guilt isn’t evidence. Guilt by association isn’t evidence. This is just an excuse to bully someone for having a different opinion. Go back out on the corner where you came from.

  44. deimos

    I think it’s awesome that we have such smart people ruling us. It saves me the trouble of thinking for myself and lets me focus on the more important things in life like what the Kardashians are doing or what some overpaid thug playing some game thinks.

  45. Russell Johnson

    Your resignation should be on the mayor’s desk this morning.

  46. nearboston

    She be Cray-Cray

  47. RLABruce

    Dems: You can’t live with ’em and you can’t legally remove them from this world. So far . . .

  48. Jasonn

    Y’all didn’t have to put her photo up there as I could already figure out what that moron looked like.

  49. DeeJay

    We certainly should consider those charges against all those censoring the cure. HCQ+Zinc +/- Azithromycin = cure…but the media outlets censor and multitudes die as a result. But those not wearing a mask? the mask is just a psychological pretense, even Fauci admitted that, before he was told to sing a different tune.

    1. Mary

      Amen! I completely agree DeeJay.

  50. Geneine Mischler

    Have you lost your damn mind???

  51. terry zelk

    There’s a ton of scientific evidence that masks are a friggin joke, that’s it.
    Infra red cams have shown that 90% of the air you breath when wearing a mask goes AROUND the mask, not through it.
    Two recent studies in covid wards have PROVED BEYOND A DOUBT that masks do nothing. There was no difference in the viral loads between the wards wearing masks and the wards where no masks were worn.
    Why isn’t anyone listening to the facts.
    Also, yearly there are around 250,000 deaths from the flu and just random respiratory illnesses. With covid that number should be around 400,000, it’s not. We haven’t even reached the normal yearly death toll. How does that work? Something’s very fishy here.

    1. Matt

      Terry, the average annual death rate from the flu in the U.S. is between 12,000 and 61,00 per year. While I agree with your premise, please get your facts straight:

      1. Joe

        Matt, WHile you are indeed correct on the number of ESTIMATED flu cases per year by the CDC, what is not taken into consideration of the OMG! 150 THOUSAND is the number of those that are 1) Gunshots, Car Accidents, Falls, Motorcycle Accidents, etc being counted as “by Covid” deaths. and 2) The “way out of standard deviation” number of deaths in LTHF (nursing homes, etc), particularily in those states where the Governors of those states MANDATED the LTHF’s take Covid Positive cases back into their populations. Te esteemed Dr Birx has even stated that the numbers are inflated. As far as the death rate…it has burned out….it peaked in APRIL (IAW Farr’s Law on epidemics….exactly as predicted by SCIENCE!).

  52. Americanius

    Yes people are really that ignorant and incompetent and somehow they get elected to local governments so they can screw with other people’s lives.
    Covid size 70-90 nanometers. Smallest particles an N95 mask can block, 300 nanometers. Someone smack this idiot in the forehead with that fact of science.

    1. Geneine Mischler

      Exactly right!!

    2. Pelatiah Adams

      And don’t forget, many of us has already had it, some of us as long as 6-7 months ago. We aren’t passing it and we shouldn’t have to wear a feedbag.

      This same politician has never been concerned about the diseases illegal aliens bring to her state, but she’s all about punishing Americans, isn’t she?

    3. FreeThinker

      If this virus is so dangerous, where are all the hazardous waste bins to contain the “contaminated masks?” Maybe mask wearers who litter or touch their masks and then touch other surfaces should be charged with murder?

    4. Bill

      Yes, she is ignorant, incompetent and shouldn’t be in charge of anything, but an N-95 will most likely stop the virus because it is always attached to something like water droplets, never alone.

  53. Dave Huff

    I wonder what her opinion on abortion is?

  54. Redskin2020

    beyond stupid!

  55. bill

    wow Nashville you got some very special kind of stupid in city government. how did a great city like Nashville sink so low into the pit of idiot?

    1. Treas

      My thoughts exactly. Where did this thing crawl out of.

    2. trea

      I would like to know what idiot company she works for that thinks they can charge employees with attempted murder if they find out you have the flu and don’t tell them.

    3. Mike Loftis

      To answer your question the metro Nashville area is infested with liberal demorats! The surrounding counties are red counties loaded with conservative Republicans that’s how Nashville has turned into a shit hole

  56. Soho

    Cancer patients cant (or should not) wear mask cancer loves low oxygen environments. Its called Hypoxia

  57. Mark M Kozina

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Metro Mashville Council. No one has ever accused them of being smart.

    1. Alex

      C’mon, are you guys really surprised that a “Queen” wouldn’t take her self-proclaimed title seriously?

      1. tres

        that thing is No Queen. That is a CLOWN

  58. gwbnyc

    hyperbolic dolt.

  59. j

    There’s a greater chance of killing someone just driving your car. Does this idiot also propose charging people with attempted murder for driving? Or how about the millions of babies killed every year by Planned Parenthood? Let’s not outlaw abortion, just charge the doctor with murder.

  60. David Birdsong

    THIS is why I left Nashville. Go to aitch eee double tooth picks you stoopid ID10T.

  61. If you want to destroy a moral, free and peaceful country with a declining debt just praise immorality, close churches, outlaw everything, punish hard work with taxes and regulations, start costly and pointless wars, import illegal immigrants and refugees, offshore jobs, and make everyone dependent on welfare.

  62. duffdad

    What pathetic morons!!! Why aren’t they charging the communist china government with murder – they did this you das make me sick!!!

  63. Paul

    A very disturbed woman.

  64. Thunderfact

    If the virus particles are smaller than the filter, virus particles flow thru….

  65. Phenry

    Time to throw this COMMIE TRASH out of our government…

    what the HELL country you think you live in, honey?
    i mean, who the HELL are these people? they conspire against the American people and our constitutional republic… time to remove these enemies from within.

  66. Big Dog

    The people who elected her should lose their voting privileges.

    1. letmepicyou

      The people who elected her should punch themselves in the face until they pass out.

    2. Geri

      Right you are!!

  67. mm

    What organization does she work for that, if they pass the virus, they are tried for murder or attempted murder?

    1. KSM

      I was wondering this as well since the law she wants does not exist how is this organization she speaks of prosecuting someone?

      The bigger question is why did no one call her on this obvious fabrication?

    2. Forest

      Thats what I want to know. Who does she work for?

  68. Nobody of Import

    18 USC 242… Tell the Councilwoman that it’s QUITE not worth being put in a Fed Pen or executed by the Fed Gov’t over. And it would end there.

  69. How will one prove the non-masker is the injuring party….? If the non-masker is negative of Covid!?!?

    Oh She didnt think of that,… Thus Violating anyone that does not Adhere to what is public policy! NOT ORGANIC LAW!.
    DO REMEMBER THAT WE ARE BORN INDIVIDUALLY SOVEREIGN and you will not go about VIOLATING Humanity because of a public policy! And that is WHY WE ARE THE GREAT NATION, CALLED THEhe UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! This Great Nation and all who know their rights will not just stand aside. Think about the factors and principles of civicd and civility before uttering such derelict stupidty you were probably paid to say! GodBless America and it’s People of GoodHeartfullness.

  70. Edward Nygma

    Why are maskers still cussing out non-masker 6 months later? Shouldn’t non masker be dead by now?

  71. Fireguy

    I’m thinking this deep thinker is actually Maxine Waters’ daughter. That statement is the same kind of mindless garbage that comes out of her mouth . And sadly their constituents keep electing them. See a pattern here??

  72. John

    Ok, so if this is the new norm, then we need to charge anybody associated with the Democrat party with the murder of every unborn child.

    Ok, I think I can support wearing a mask now.

  73. J

    Love this you are spot on. Ty!

    1. Look, guys, an N95 mask will not prevent someone with the COVID-19 from spreading it around. N95 mask only prevents the wearier from catching the COVId-19 virus. The virus is transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles. It is the aerosol virus particles that would not be blocked from escaping any facial mask, N95 mask vents, goggles, or shields
      N95 mask only prevent the wearier from catching it

      1. Douglas Everett

        ROFL, dude, you are so off base it is impossible to decide what part of that to correct.

      2. Randall Lear

        The N95 mask will only filter .5 microns particles. Covid is .12-.14 mocrons. If you breath air you can breath Covid. Only air suppling respirators work. All mask that donot supply air, have 0 protection factor. Only feel good support blanket effect.

      3. TexanForever

        Looks like you got your “science” from equally ignorant on-line posters. Get out in the sunshine and let the UV destroy the RNA and DNA of both viruses and retroviruses in seconds so they can’t live or replicate.

      4. Orangepaws

        The Wuhan virus is 1/3 smaller than the the smallest particle N95 masks are capable of filtering out. So, no, the N95 does not protect the wearer from infection.

  74. Leonard Saunders

    Okay, as long as we can charge every elected or government department head up to and including Speaker Pelosi and you for murder for removing the chloroquine regime from use that has been proven effective for 70 years or more!

    Do we have a deal?
    Or not?

  75. Mim Williams

    Someone could remind her that when she has an extreme thought she needs to go to her most passive thought and then find somewhere in the middle to settle. Why is it that our Governments attract the nutters and what does it say about us…we elect them?

  76. Ken

    Hey you dumb broad if mask saving lives an you feel they are protecting you from that phoney virus why should you care who’s wearing a mask or not

  77. David S. Blackwell RN, BSN

    We are simply morons, ruled by morons and the television. When it all collapses, we will only have ourselves to blame, and the Television. And now, a word from our sponsors. Chubby looks diabetic. Does she hold herself or the fast food restaurants responsible? Looking at her I can already tell she has high blood pressure, possibly diabetes, and high cholesterol. Covid-19 is a cold virus, no different than the other 200 out there. Keep your hands washed. Stay home if sick, but get back to work if you are not. Unreal how stupid we have become.

    1. Jim Forbes

      Best Comment!!

    2. Carter Mitchell

      David, how do you survive? Common sense is almost a capital crime these days. But if you think about the direction this country has been going for decades, the “people” we put into office year after year, this level of stupidity is not at all surprising.

  78. Traditional Thinker

    Stupidity seems to have no bottom in the world these days. Wanting to charge people not wearing masks with murder or attempted murder? What about all of the unborn lives you liberals rip from the wombs? Actual murder. Or maybe the criminals you release because of your election manipulating tool you’re calling covid-19 who are killing once again with their new found freedom? Actual murder. What about your rioters you turn a blind eye to, that are destroying cities instead of going to work like human beings? What’s their charge? I know you people are arrogant but I’ve got news for you, there is a God , and you’re not Him. This country isnt facing a covid-19 pandemic, it’s facing an Ignorant-Marxist pandemic.

  79. Gerry Mander

    This is patently insane. You would have to show intent to infect with the intent to kill the person, and you wold have to show that transmission was likely to cause death (ie, a crazy high fatality rate).
    Bravo. This is probably the boldest stance by a public official I’ve seen concerning WuFlu, and that’s saying something.

  80. joeknows

    Good grief! Maybe we could incarcerate city council members for “gross ignorance”

  81. Ralph

    There is no reasoning with this hysterical nonsense – don’t even try.

    For those who are capable of rational thought, get the facts, arm yourself with the belt of truth. Start here:

    Facts About COVID-19 (

    CIDRAP: “Masks-for-all for COVID-19 not based on sound data.” (

    “Masks Don’t Work” – by Denis Rancouprt, PhD:

    A randomised cluster trial of 1600 health care workers demonstrating that workers who wear cloth masks are 13 times MORE like to develop respiratory illness (

    There is no rational basis whatsoever to be in this state of irrational fear. Stop, now. Facts don’t matter in clownworld, so leave the circus to the clowns, and get on with your lives..

  82. Rick

    Ignorance is no excuse for such a statement as this, people really need to think before they vote. Comments like this I am sure are ok with Mayor Commie Cooper. Of course she is black and can make this comment with no repercussions because if you say anything you would be labeled a racist. How embarrassing , she needs mental evaluation..

    1. Kenny Taylor

      Remove her from council

    2. e.d.

      she needs to be charged for even saying something so stupid. Did you catch the “too late too little?” Speak English….Too little too late……..sigh

      1. Joe Stanfield

        What happen to tar and feathered?

  83. MAGA

    Should people passing on HIV or hepatitis be charged with murder?

    1. M. Flatt

      Actually, being HIV-positive and not telling your sexual partner about is grounds for a charge of attempted murder. However, COVID-19 is not an immediate death sentence when one contracts it.

    2. ArKane

      Lets charge ALL politicians with murder

      Twenty-seven percent of the refugees who arrived in Tennessee between 2011 and 2015 tested positive for latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI), according to data provided by the Tennessee Office for Refugees (TOR).
      The refugee health data provided by TOR makes Tennessee the state with the second highest rate of LTBI among recently resettled refugees in the nine states that have either publicly reported the information,
      Whether it’s TB, WuFlu, SARs, MERS,, H1N1, Yellow Fever, Typhus, it doesn’t matter….our Dear Leaders not only have ignored imported infections but also the resurgence of eradicated diseases and insist that we welcome all possible disease carrying vectors without question Just put on your paper mask and obey their hypocritical mandates. All will be well. /s

      1. Redskin2020

        all will be well on 11/4/2020 when Trump is re-elected..All or most of the crap going on right now will be gone….what would be their point then???
        If they continue, the rioters, looters, troublemakers, loud mouths will pay a price for their anti-americanism!

    3. Jim

      now you’re being perposterous