Aaron Gulbransen Talks MSM Secret Messages to Biden, Re-Election Odds, and the Need for a Uniting President

Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed all-star panelist, official guest host, and Faith and Freedom Coalition’s State of Tennessee Director Aaron Gulbransen in-studio to contemplate whether or not Joe Biden will seek re-election, secret media messages, and the need for a uniting government figure.

Leahy: Official guest host of The Tennessee Star Report, Aaron Gulbransen. Aaron, now the big question: Are there enough clues coming to Joe Biden, the grifter in chief and purportedly the president of the United States?

We think actually that it’s Susan Rice who’s calling the shots in the United States. “Cognitively challenged” would be a kind description of Joe Biden.

Gulbransen: Yes.

Leahy: There have been some clues thrown out there from supposed insiders. Jen “Circle Back” Psaki, his first press secretary, went on MSNBC and said, basically, if this is a referendum on Joe Biden, he’s losing.

Gulbransen: Right.

Leahy: That’s what you might call a shot across the bow.

Gulbransen: That, I assure you, knowing and understanding how all this works, would not have been said randomly or without it being cleared by somebody higher up.

Leahy: It was a message.

Gulbransen: Yes.

Leahy: Would you like to hear my theory?

Gulbransen: I would.

Leahy: I think Jen Psaki is pals with Susan Rice and Barack Obama. And they said, hey, Jen, we got to get old Joe out of there, because he’s going to lose.

And people understand that the brain is just not working. And so the message said, send him this clue so that he will announce that at some point that he’s not going to run for re-


Gulbransen: And then, of course, to compound on that, you had George “Stephi” Stephanopoulos, as Rush Limbaugh used to call him, talking about a poll where basically he was saying, oh you know, Trump is not really that popular, but he beats Biden in a hypothetical match-up in 2024.

Leahy: Clue.

Gulbransen: Which is another tea leaf.

Leahy: It’s a one-two punch. And Joe Biden, as cognitively challenged as he is, somebody’s telling him, hey, your people are saying you can’t win.

Gulbransen: Now, is this a message to Joe Biden or is it really a message to Doctor Jill Biden? (Chuckles)

Leahy: She’s the same brain. I was about to say the same thing. So who’s really running the operation within the White House? Basically, it’s probably Doctor Jill Biden. And you must say Doctor Jill because she has an EDD. A doctorate in education – not a real medical doctor.

Gulbransen: Wait, I thought she gave medical advice when it came to COVID, though.

Leahy: She did. Doctor Jill. (Chuckles) So she’s kind of running the program, if you will, inside the Biden household, directing him where to go. How does she receive this message?

Gulbransen: I think she probably likes halfway running the White House.

Leahy: I think she does.

Gulbransen: And the attention that she gets.

Leahy: I think she does.

Gulbransen: All mocking and joking aside, I do believe that there is something wrong with Joe Biden’s brain, and they’re hopping him up on pills or something to give him his two minutes of clarity that he has a day.

I suspect that it could be considered a form of elder abuse by keeping him in the White House. The messages are not being sent to Joe, it’s obvious …

Leahy: They’re being sent to Jill.

Gulbransen: Yes, because he doesn’t have the ability to really go, oh, is it a good idea for me to run again? Maybe not. I do believe the number of times, I think it was five or so, that he’s publicly said for sure he was running for re-election, he went off-script.

Leahy: Here’s the thing, though. The minute you say, if you’re the president of the United States, the minute you say you’re not running for re-election again …

Gulbransen: You’re a lame duck.

Leahy: And as little as people pay attention to him now, they will pay even less attention to him. His agenda, whatever it may be, will be gone after that, and it will be a waiting game.

I’ve heard some speculation that some people are saying it is kind of becoming a referendum on the Biden administration in the midterm six weeks from today, and all the trend lines are working against the Democrats.

And so some people have suggested, well, maybe he should announce now he’s not going to run for re-election. I think probably that would be – power-wise, you just can’t do that.

Gulbransen: It would be interesting. Actually, probably the dream scenario, if you’re a Democrat strategist, would be for Joe Biden to announce that he’s not running for reelection and then for Trump to then announce that he is running for election, and then the election is not about Biden’s bad policy, and it’s about Trump.

Leahy: Yes. It becomes about Trump. And by the way, so the whole focus on Trump, that’s the Democrat strategy. And he does draw fire, shall we say. What I didn’t know – and I didn’t see the Washington Post-ABC poll – if they polled Ron DeSantis versus Joe Biden, what would that look like? I don’t know what those results are. My guess is if they show Trump 48-46 over Biden, my guess is it would probably be like 50-44, to DeSantis. That’s just a guess.

Gulbransen: I would imagine that to be the case, if you were looking at just complete and utter political gaming over here. I think at this point, in a general election, you would probably see dissenters as polling higher than Trump.

Leahy: But here’s the thing. I think there is a desire out there in America for most people to have a uniting, central figure as the president of the United States. We’ve talked about this before.

Ronald Reagan, although the Left kind of hated his policies, it was awfully hard not to like him as an individual because he was so upbeat, so positive. Now, the Left did that to some extent, but Ronald Reagan was an extraordinarily uniting figure.

Gulbransen: The greatest president in the history of the United States, in my opinion. My favorite one, obviously. But yes, he was the happy warrior, and make no mistake, he said some biting things.

It wasn’t that he didn’t, but he did it with a smile on his face, and he turned a phrase, and he had such a great speech writing staff, too, and the people around him. It was a different time.

And then, of course, as a friend of mine who was a chief of staff on the Hill in the ’80s, we won the Reagan revolution in 1980. And then we probably lost it when we selected George H. W. Bush as vice president.

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