Protesters Storm State Senator’s Office, Intimidate Staff, State Troopers Ordered to Stand Down

State Senator Mae Beavers (R-Mt. Juliet) knew Tuesday morning could turn out to be an unpredictable one. She was told to expect an “in-office protest” this morning. Then she was told it was cancelled.

Sen. Beavers and her staff – that day, a single young woman – arrived in her offices at the regular time to conduct the people’s business: meeting with constituents and fellow elected officials, answering questions about her pending legislation, and returning calls and letters from the people she represents in and around Mt. Juliet.

“It was shortly after 11 a.m. when about a half-dozen people filed into my office and started demanding to see me,” Beavers said.

According to Sen. Beavers, she was in a meeting with an Administration official, when the protesters’ incessant knocking on her inner office door and loud speechifying became a distraction.

“When I opened my door a couple of times to ask them to quiet down, they tried to force their way into my office,”  she said. They were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, out in the reception room, Beavers’ young staffer was surrounded by the protesters. One protester, a woman, stood behind her and took several photos of the receptionist’s computer screen and work.

The Administrator departed, and for the next hour, Senator Beavers was interrupted as protesters took turns repeatedly knocking on her door. The young staffer stayed at her desk, surrounded and alone. At some point during the protest, she was able to capture this video, obtained exclusively by The Tennessee Star.

Watching closely, viewers can see how the only door into the office is blocked by a large man, and behind him appear to be at least two more people sitting on the floor outside in the hallway.

The video has been forwarded to the FBI and other police agencies in order to identify the protesters.

Senator Beavers called for help to clear her small office full of disruptive protesters, but was told by the State Troopers on duty that the Sergeant-at-Arms ordered them to stand down and do nothing.

Beavers then reached out to Attorney General Slattery and Lt. Gov. Randy McNally , whose office is in charge of the Sergeant-at-Arms, for help. Both men refused, citing the need to refer to regulation, law and policy regarding the 2011 Occupy Movement protests.

Around the 12 o’clock hour, shaken but determined, Senator Beavers left her office with her staffer. The two were followed down the hall by the protesters, who began yelling at them to get their attention.

State Troopers took notice of the disturbance, and the protesters dispersed after they approached them, physically preventing the group from boarding the elevator with Beavers and her receptionist.

Carrying signs, the protesters were able to enter the building without going through any security checkpoint, due to a fairly recent  policy change. “They are able to come in without getting their drivers license scanned, unlike in other government buildings like TDOT,” Beavers told The Star.

The group, who seemed to define themselves on Twitter as a part of Indivisible, proudly tweeted about the success of their intimidation tactics (see tweets below).

The Star contacted the Governor’s office, the Lt. Governor’s office, and the Sergeant-at-Arms office for comment, but did not receive any response.

Since this morning, Sen. Beavers has received death threats. One in particular was via her contact page.

“They threatened my life, and also said they are going after Rep. Mark Pody, President Donald Trump, and Special Adviser Stephen K. Bannon,” Beavers told The Star.

Beaver has forwarded the threat to the FBI for further investigation.

The tweet from @TNIndivisible below offers a much different narrative of the events of the day, one that appears to be taken right out of the “playbook” recently shared with far Left protesters by former Democratic Congressional aides.






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22 Thoughts to “Protesters Storm State Senator’s Office, Intimidate Staff, State Troopers Ordered to Stand Down”

  1. […] February 2017, The Star reported Jones was among several local left wing activists who harassed and intimidated State Sen. Mae […]

  2. […] The Ledger even mentioned how he organized a group of protestors against former Republican State Sen. Mae Beavers over a bill she sponsored. That bill would have required public school students use the bathroom consistent with their gender listed on their birth certificate. The Star also reported what happened. […]

  3. […] The Ledger even mentioned how he organized a group of protestors against former Republican State Sen. Mae Beavers over a bill she sponsored. That bill would have required public school students use the bathroom consistent with their gender listed on their birth certificate. The Star also reported what happened. […]

  4. Terry Klefstad

    Folks, I know Mike very well and he is a polite and respectful young man. He has been spending some time trying to have meetings with our state representatives and senators to express his concern over current legislation. He has done this on his own He dresses professionally, goes through the metal detector at security, and sits in the hallway and waits for someone to be willing to speak to him. It is not his fault if Senator Beavers does not want to talk to one of her constituents. This article completely misrepresents the scene.

  5. Joseph

    Don’t our government officials work for us? Their door should always be open their constituents to hear our concerns. I can’t tell you how many times I have called and emailed Roe and Haslam with only one email returned and zero calls answered. They work for us… not corporations or special interest groups or whatever lobbyist padded their pockets and campaign coffers, ultimately they work for the people. They often tend to forget that, so let this be a reminder.

    I don’t think this should be a partisan issue… in a democrat area, a democrat official should have to listen to the concerns of conservatives / liberals just as a republican official should have to listen to the liberals / democrats that they represent.

  6. Roger Harris

    The nazi Storm Troopers. I mean well meaning caring liberals, were doing what they do best. Trying to intimidate and silence those who don’t believe in their idiotic ways.

  7. Hey folks. Who wrote this brilliant article? I never heard of Tennessee Star. I should start reading it, since it has so much accurate information. Though, I wish they were there to see what actually happened. What we were doing was withing the legal bounds of free speech. I even offered to get a bottle of water for the administrative assistant from the cafeteria. It is unfortunate that our elected officials refuse to meet with their citizens. I wish she would work for her constituents rather than support bills that would waste money that needs to go to you know. . .roads and such. I am a tall man. I can’t help it. But I know deep down that if Mae Beaver got to know me, she would find that I am a peaceful and cheerful child at heart. I think she is just a little bit scared. She is probably not used to hearing from constituents. Let her know that if she needs to talk, hit me up. I can make her some tea, read her a bedtime story, etc. I wonder what her favorite Bible verse is? Well, I hope we can become friends. She seems like a nice receptive lady.

    P.S. My name is Michael Quintana. You don’t have to ask the FBI. Maybe if the Tennessee Star was there, you would not have to go through these hoops.

    GOD bless America. Merry CHRISTmas.

    1. Scott Jones

      “What we were doing was withing the legal bounds of free speech. ”
      Really? We all have a Constitutional right to free speech. We do not have the right to force someone to listen to it or disrupt others doing their business.
      If you were really interested in being heard you would have called her office and made arrangements for a meeting with her or her staff. Instead, you went to her office unannounced and demanded to be heard instantly. After being declined you and your group chose to be disruptive.
      Your attempt to justify and legitimize your group’s actions fail the test of intellectual honesty.

  8. It would seem that the one in charge of the Sgt at Arms is derelict in responsibility. The one who ordered THP to stand down is derelict. If elected officials do not receive the protection from disruptive individuals, then things can get scary quickly i n politics. I am a native born Tennessean and always proud to call myself one. However if we lower our state to the level of activism allowed to break the laws in some states, my pride shall vanish quickly. Law and order, plus respect for elective offices, especially the higher ones in the state must be demanded. Any official in the line of responsibility who refuses to work to maintain such needs to be relieved of duty immediately with no apology. If present law allows such, or prevents closing unruly activity down, the law must be changed.

  9. Wow! Looks like Sen. Beavers was really in danger here.
    Glad she made it out of this hostile war zone alive.

    God forbid our snowflake representatives don’t have their safe spaces to enjoy.
    Currently working on a tune called “Poor Mae” for the world’s smallest violin.

  10. Dawn Kirk

    You people saw a different video from the one I saw in the above story. When did resding a letter from Dr Martin Luther King become violent? Are you aware that Mae Beavers as a representative condoned violence during the state income tax protests. Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing. Wake up.

  11. Sherrie Orange

    The protesters are certainly not peaceful when you see the misbehvior they are displaying via the video. I bet they would not be allowed to do that in the Gov. office.. This is unacceptable.
    My grandmother would say,”Were these people raised in a barn?” I don’t care if you are democrat, independent, or republican or what bill the elected official is sponsoring…this is unacceptable behavior and NO elected official should have to endure this kind of treatment.
    If the state troopers can not do their job…then, what are they there for?

  12. Leanord Sizemore

    This is clearly a strategy of the “resist” movement or the “Indivisible” group.

    We will see more of this if nothing is done to counter attack. The action take against Sen. Mae Beavers today is another example. These people should be arrested for Disorderly Conduct under TCA § 39-17-305. If the LEO on the scene will not take action Sen. Beavers can go before a magistrate and request a summons or warrant be issued for the individual. But first they must be identified. Getting their vehicle LIC number is the way to do that along with taking a lot of pictures.

  13. Ruth Ann Wilson

    This is a disgrace. And then after she requested that they be removed from her office, Calling the office of Randy McNally, 615-741-6806, he orders the Tn. Highway Patrol at the Capitol to “stand down”!!!??? Call and ask about this for the secretary on the desk at McNally’s office has her side of the story. She insisted this was a “peaceful protest”. I don’t think Senator Beaver and her staff thought that and she should have been sent help. This is disgraceful.
    For God & Country

  14. Phillip C. Senn

    How does this statement of policy and use prevent officers from protecting the offices, inside Legislative Plaza?

    “Statement from the Department of General Services; Oct. 27, 2011:

    “Criminal activity and deteriorating sanitary conditions over the past several days on Legislative Plaza have created an environment that is unsafe for the protestors, state employees and everyone who works, lives and enjoys downtown. As a result, the Department of General Services is adding to its policy for permitting and use of Legislative Plaza, the War Memorial Building and the Capitol grounds. Permits will be granted on a daily basis from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

    Use policy is attached. What’s new here is that we’re now requiring people to get a permit, as opposed to asking them to get a permit from General Services. The reason for doing that, historically, is to prevent events from interfering with each other – we actually have a few weddings on the plaza each year. ALSO, the curfew is new.” — Department Spokeswoman Lola Potter.


    Department of General Services

    Effective immediately and until further notice, all assemblies and gatherings of persons on the State of Tennessee Legislative Plaza, War Memorial Courtyard and Capitol grounds areas in Nashville, Tennessee shall require a use permit from the Tennessee Department of General Services. Use of any portion of the Capitol grounds also requires the approval of the Tennessee Capitol Commission.

    The Department of General Services may issue permits upon proper application and satisfaction of use fees, security and liability insurance requirements for use of the Legislative Plaza, War Memorial Courtyard and Capitol grounds between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

    Special use permits for the Legislative Plaza, War Memorial Courtyard and Capitol grounds during hours outside of the 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. period may be approved at the discretion of the Department on a case by case basis.

    Notwithstanding the above, the Legislative Plaza, War Memorial Courtyard and Capitol grounds areas are closed to the public from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. daily and no person shall enter upon those premises during this curfew period without specific authorization by the State of Tennessee. In no event shall overnight occupancy of the Legislative Plaza, War Memorial Courtyard or Capitol grounds areas be permitted by any group or individual.

    The foregoing policy is issued under the authority of T. C. A. § 4-8-101 and in the interest of protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public. Issued this 27th day of October, 2011 by the Tennessee Department of General Services.”

    1. Bill Howell

      That policy was struck down by Federal District Court.

  15. David J Timmons

    The people of TN must let the AG and lt gov know that they have failed to carry out their sworn duties, and have allowed an elected public official to be harassed and threateneed in her own offices, which btw are paid for by the people of TN.

    1. Larry

      Agree. People stand up and let’s not allow this behavior to go on and punish violators

  16. Glenda

    Why are the lawmakers not protected by the officers who are placed there for that very purpose? Why would a “stand down” order be given when the you have unruly protestors invading the space of two women, who are supposed to be there?

    1. Thomas Cook

      Could it possibly be that those in charge of the officers were democrats, and were trying to intimidate her?