State Rep. Mark White Bringing Failed Bill for Illegal Immigrant In-State Tuition Back to Committee

Rep. Mark White’s (R-Memphis) second bill, HB660, that if left unamended, would have allowed the governing boards of state colleges and universities to grant in-state tuition to illegal immigrant students, failed in the House Education committee yesterday, but he has put it back on next Tuesday’s calendar and will ask the committee to reconsider its action.

Republicans Jimmy Matlock, Terri Lynn Weaver, Ron Lollar, Roger Kane, Debra Moody and Dawn White, voted “no” on the bill.

Republicans Eddie Smith, Mark White and Harry Brooks, along with all Democrats on the committee, voted “yes,” except that Democrat Rep. John DeBerry was absent when the vote was taken making it more than likely that the bill would have passed had he been present.

Mark White could have chosen to roll his bill until all members were present to vote, but chose not to and let the vote move forward.

According to sources at the legislature, Rep. DeBerry, a proponent for giving illegal immigrants in-state tuition, is pushing for a motion to reconsider White’s bill.

It is not clear whether any motion to reconsider White’s bill will require a two-thirds vote of committee members, which would take ten votes to revive the bill, or a simple majority which would be just seven votes.

White’s bill failed for lack of a majority on a 6-6 vote that was taken on a “roll call” as opposed to a voice vote, meaning that the votes of each individual committee member was recorded.  However, the General Assembly website which normally reflects the roll call votes on each bill, shows “0-0” for yesterday’s vote on HB660.

Rep. Eddie Smith voted against Mark White’s other bill that would have granted in-state tuition to illegal immigrant students, but voted for White’s HB660, which, if reconciled with the companion bill carried by Sen. Todd Gardenhire and passed by the Senate Education committee, would restore the disputed Section 5 of White’s bill allowing the higher education governing boards to give in-state tuition to illegal immigrant students.

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3 Thoughts to “State Rep. Mark White Bringing Failed Bill for Illegal Immigrant In-State Tuition Back to Committee”

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  2. Ruth Wilson

    So come Monday Morning, 04-17-2017 or when the Committee reconvenes, they are going to try to get the committee to “reconsider their vote” on IN-STATE TUITION FOR ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN. Now, Folks, the Chairman Harry Brooks, said Clearly and announced the vote count, 6-6, Motion fails for lack of majority. Now, we have this cleverly devised “SCHEME” by Rep. Mark White, Memphis to “reconsider the vote”. So if the legislation doesn’t go your way, you can have the Bill voted on again because Rep. DeBerry didn’t vote the first time around, 04-12-2017 and Rep. White could have “rolled the Vote” but he DIDN’T. Now we have this “reconsider the vote” SCHEME. “O, THE WICKED WEBS WE WEAVE, WHEN FIRST WE PRACTICE TO DECEIVE.” May ALL such Wicked Schemes perish and the ones who are behind these diabolical SCHEMES be FOUND OUT.
    For God & Country

    1. Elizabeth Harmon

      Well said. These people are criminals when they enter The US illegally. It is a felon & unfair to people who entered legally. Our money should not be given to them for anything, they should all be deported. We do not pay people to govern by passing laws that are not in the best interest, of all people who are part of our legal system. It is not a matter of them committing crimes, they are criminals when the cross the border illegally, we owe them nothing period, not even food stamps & welfare much less tuition to attend our colleges.