The Clintons and Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Speak at Vanderbilt, Condemn ‘Attacks’ on LGBTQ Community

The Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) 2023 Annual Meeting took place in Nashville this weekend at Vanderbilt University.

The event hosted many prominent political figures, including former President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Nashville Mayor John Cooper, and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

The conference began just one day after Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed two pieces of legislation that regulate drag shows and ban minors from undergoing sex-change operations.

On Saturday, the Clintons and Buttigieg criticized the legislation during the conference.

According to Bill Clinton, many elected leaders cling to power by sowing division through issues like LGBTQ and transgender rights.

“People who are in power and want to stay in power love identity politics,” said Clinton. “It used to be, basically, racial – and it still is, where it works – and then there was a lot of prejudice against gay people. But now, 70 percent of the people approve of gay marriage. So they keep looking for – That’s how this whole transgender thing came up, because there aren’t many people who are transgender, and there aren’t many people who are dealing with it.”

Hillary Clinton told Vanderbilt students in attendance that the level of polarization in the U.S. and around the world has become more intense, but young people need to stay politically “active.”

“You can help us overcome the divisiveness by, frankly, electing people who don’t traffic in division, who don’t traffic in disinformation,” Clinton said. “Who really want to be in public service for the right reasons.”

Buttigieg recounted his time residing in Indiana during the Pence administration, stating that while the anti-LGBTQ atmosphere in the state at the time felt like a “threat,” it became a “huge part” of what he “had to offer” in regards to his career in public service.

“Look for ways in which what feels like your biggest obstacle – might not only be an obstacle you will overcome – but very much a part of the impact that you are going to make,” Buttigieg told the crowd.

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network.
Photo “Clinton Family” by Vanderbilt University. 




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12 Thoughts to “The Clintons and Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Speak at Vanderbilt, Condemn ‘Attacks’ on LGBTQ Community”

  1. Il Professore

    Constantly agitating, I am not surprised with Pete and Hillary, they have an agenda. Bill, on the other hand, gained his popularity being in the center politically. Hillary is simply on her “flavor of the month” to pander votes. She is like a moth being attracted to a flame. As for Vanderbilt, what happened to what once was a well respected university. I would encourage alumni and donors to redirect their monies away from the university. As for Pete, be careful, those who run with Hillary usually end in tragedy.

  2. Joe Blow

    Randy, I agree with you but the problem is that Vanderbilt is powered by this kind of crazy left wind stuff. They went off the track at least 2 decades ago.

  3. william r. delzell

    Good for Buttiegeg!

  4. Randy

    Vanderbilt should be ashamed for letting these spew their seeds of divisive hatred in Tennessee. Higher Education cannot be accomplished by supporting false narratives and lying. Its bad enough that they support gender mutilation of children.

  5. Jay

    Can we export Vandy to San Francisco?

  6. LakeDweller

    Why isn’t Pete up in Ohio dealing with his train mess? Or at the FAA fixing the air traffic problems? Or dealing with roads, bridges and port?

  7. Tim Price

    The Clintons and the Transportation Secretary need to shut their mouths rather than kissing up to a special interest group only to get votes!

    This is a Tennessee issue and not a federal issue!

  8. LM

    Bill Clinton talking about clinging to power by sowing division-that’s rich. Hillary Clinton talking about trafficking – even richer.

  9. Joe Blow

    Folks, get your kids out of Vanderbilt ASAP!!

  10. Randall Davidson

    Cooper showing his true side. This deplorable wishes they would all go away…..

  11. nicky wicks

    doesnt choo-choo pete have a toxic train derailment to deal with?

    get out of town loser.

  12. Tim Priice

    Democrats can’t stand when a government does what it’s people wants!