Commentary: Red State Dems’ ‘Moderate’ Claims Fall Flat Under Glare of Truth

by Jeffrey A. Rendall   Here’s a bit of wisdom: a liar is a liar is a liar. It isn’t complicated; if there’s a Democrat running for senate from a red state chances are he or she claims they’re “my own person,” intends to “work with President Trump” on the…

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Commentary: The Perfidious Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney & Orrin Hatch

by George Rasley   That didn’t take long. As soon as President Trump endorsed Mitt Romney’s candidacy to succeed Utah’s retiring Senator Orin Hatch and voters in the Beehive State handed the nomination to Romney (even though he actually lost the GOP State Convention vote) Mitt showed his true colors…

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Mitt Romney Demands That President Trump Apologize For Charlottesville Comments

Tennessee Star

  Mitt Romney on Friday called for President Trump to apologize for his Charlottesville “both sides” comments and to put all the blame on white supremacists and none on the radical leftists who also acted violently. Earlier this week, Trump explicitly condemned white supremacist groups by name, but said both…

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