Tricia Stickel Commentary: Conservatives Must Rally Around One Candidate to Defeat Bob Corker in GOP Senate Primary

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by Tricia Stickel

We are thrilled with the announcement of Andy Ogles that he is a candidate for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate.

Tennessee has a history of fellow conservatives entering the race against a very good candidate and thus splitting the conservative vote. With rumors floating around since the announcement from Andy Ogles of his entering the campaign, we have history repeating itself. Being so tired of aspirational political greed, if our fellow conservatives insist on entering the race there would be only one conclusion, they have been convinced to support Corker by splitting the vote!

This may sound harsh, but it may be the reality. We must find the “stakeholders,” mitigate the folly and bring reason, along with our mission to supporting one candidate, Andy Ogles.

Many of us gave our everything to these contenders in past endeavors. It is time to ask other contenders what their opposition is to Andy Ogles as our next U.S. Senator?

What would be their objection? Will it again be a “calling”? Will blind ambition or an insatiable craving to climb the political ladder that ultimately create the situation which will help Bob Corker retain his seat, merely by splitting the vote?

We had our best chance to defeat Lamar Alexander in 2014. However, a division early in the campaign cycle created a separation of the grassroots conservatives. This, along with other contestants who lacked funding and name recognition along with an added vote splitter inserted by Alexander himself left us less than 9 points shy of victory. We have an actual chance to make a difference and elect a man with a true record of conservative advocacy, name recognition, large donor support and admiration, and support of the grassroots conservatives in Tennessee.

Each of these potential contenders have our respect. Now is the time to come together and stand behind one candidate. This must be an “All for one, one for all” proposition.

This cannot be a time to think about personal ambition. We must learn from history and keep the mission focused. We must defeat Bob Corker and this must be done with complete solidarity. 2018 can be the year we can stand together. It will be up to each of us individually to speak to these potential candidates and encourage their sacrifice, offer our respect and insist we stand with Andy Ogles as our next U.S. Senator from the great State of Tennessee.

– – –

Tricia Stickel is a long-time conservative activist in Tennessee. A resident of Maury County, she is President of the Maury County Tea Party.

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15 Thoughts to “Tricia Stickel Commentary: Conservatives Must Rally Around One Candidate to Defeat Bob Corker in GOP Senate Primary”

  1. Rick Williams Sen. Mark Green also voted For an Article V Constitutional Convention. I hope more people step up to challenge Corker. So far not too good.

  2. Dan

    50% rule , a simple fix.

    1. Stuart I. Anderson

      Oh come on Dan say it, “TENNESSESSE DESPARATELY NEEDS RUNOFFS”!!!!

  3. Stuart I. Anderson your analysis is very good. The Joe Carr statement just about negated it all. Joe Carr voted FOR an Article V Convention, and does not even suspect that the enemy most likely will take over any convention and ruin the constitution.

    1. Stuart I. Anderson

      Perhaps Joe is comforted by the fact that anything that comes out of such a convention has to be ratified by 3/4 of the state legislatures and the fact that “the enemy” already has control of our judiciary and has been amending our constitution in the most grotesque ways almost every week since the 1930″s.

  4. Ed Pitts

    Well said,Tricia
    Ed Pitts

  5. Matt Studd

    Failing to demand & insist on SOLID Conservative Credentials, Voting Records and Practices, will only add to the L O N G list of disappointing RINOs who are advancing “their” agenda … rather than advancing the Conservative Principles and Values.
    What ever happened to “vetting” Candidates BEFORE conjuring up support ?

  6. Francisco (Frank)

    Let’s see who else is running and “Rally Around” “THE BEST” candidate with the best chance of beating Bob Corker. That candidate may not be necessarily the first candidate to announce. I just can’t rally behind the first one to announce just because he/she is the first. Just my personal opinion. 🙂

  7. Stuart I. Anderson

    So let me get this straight. Andy Ogles, who has not cast a single vote in any legislative body that I know of, who has not held any public office, who has labored for years for an organization founded and funded by libertarian open borders zealots decided that U. S. Senator would be a good entry level position to launch his political career who thus is the first to announce his candidacy eleven months before the election so CASE CLOSED HE’S OUR GUY! Sorry, there’s something not quite right with that.

    Oh, in case anyone is wondering who that candidate was who came within 9% of defeating the undefeatable Lamar Alexander, the name is JOE CARR!

  8. Sim

    About the only thing I know about Ogles is that he is running against Corker,
    and right now that is enough for me to vote for him.

    I’d suggest everyone find out why the “Council on Foreign Relations” was formed and what they hope to accomplish,

    Corker was made “Chairman” of this organization, and that would have never happened “UNLESS” Corker was willing to assist them.

    1. Horatio Bunce


      Agree the CFR is evil, made up of both R and D, mass media ownership and elites. But Bailout Bob is not a member to my knowledge (Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, GHW Bush, Bill & Chelsea Clinton, Al Gore, George Soros, Fred Thompson (good riddance), Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch must all have had a good time talking about population control and us “little people”).

      However, as chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bailout Bob did appoint CFR insider Chris Tuttle as the Senate Committee’s policy director.

  9. Bruce

    Is Bob in the wine business? He’s a real cork soaker.

  10. Rick Williams

    Tricia Stickel, Thank You for your comments about what conservatives should do in our efforts to defeat RINO BOB CORKER. I agree 100%. But do we just say the first person to announce is who we must get behind and support ?? I think we should pick the very best candidate that can win. While I can only say GREAT things about Andy Ogles and he is a good candidate to. run for the Senate. I truly believe Mark Green is a better candidate for the job of U.S. Senate. Mark Green can speak first hand to the problem’s we have in the U.S. Senate. He had to wade thru the SWAMP in trying to get confirmed as President Trump’s Secretary of the Army. Again, Andy is a good man and will be a good candidate. I just think Mark Green is our best chance to beat Bob Corker.

  11. Karen Bracken

    ABSOLUTELY and when all the players are identified I hope we do just that. I believe we all need to see who the players will be before we make a decision and rally around the best candidate. I don’t think Ogles will be the last to step up. So lets sit back and see how the field of candidates unfolds before we rally around any candidate. Being premature can be just as bad as not coming together in solidarity for one candidate to insure we take Corker out of office.

  12. You know who

    Seriously? Since Andy Ogles was the first announce any other worthy candidate should bow out? This is the most absurd reasoning to get behind a candidate I have ever heard and with Ogles being Johnny on the spot we certainly need other options. He might be your darling of the tea party but this guy has some serious flaws and an ego that will be a stumbling block in this race.

    Let the populous choose their candidate.