Attorney Lin Wood Confirms Trump Legal Team’s Evidence Will Be Enough to Overturn Election


ATLANTA, Georgia – Attorney Lin Wood stated from first hand knowledge that the evidence from Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell will overturn the election.

Wood filed suit against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, alleging that the state official changed election law. He confirmed this during The John Fredericks Show for an exclusive interview following his court loss on Thursday.

“I’ve not only talked with Sidney, I’ve met with her in length. I’ve seen the evidence. So I know what she said in her press conference yesterday is one hundred percent accurate,” stated Wood. “The elections in this country have been fraudulent for several election cycles.”

Wood explained that the evidence showed consistent software used throughout nearly all electronic voting systems in the country – especially Dominion Voting Systems. According to Wood, the evidence indicated that this software has been flipping voting totals and manipulating counts as far back as 2016. He went so far as to claim that President Donald Trump won the popular vote in 2016.

The attorney explained that the software originated in Venezuela. From there, the software changed hands globally until it ended up in our country’s voting systems.

As for Wood’s court case, the defamation attorney stated that the judge threw out the entire case – though he was only supposed to decide whether to grant a temporary injunction on delaying certification. He stated that he will file for an appeal with the Eleventh District Court.

“It doesn’t make sense to me that the Democratic Party had standing to file a lawsuit that led to a consent agreement with the secretary of state, and then a judge says that an individual voter doesn’t have the right to contest the agreement and the law? Why does the Democratic Party, as a group, have greater standing to go into court than an individual voter? I don’t believe they do,” he said. “I believe the Eleventh Circuit will reverse this case.”

Wood added that the Eleventh Circuit has prior rulings that grant standing to individual voters.

Wood stated that he anticipated another filing from President Donald Trump on fraud within the electronic voting machines.

“This is an illegal election. The President won 410 electoral votes, 80 million votes – it was a landslide. It was all set up to be stolen,” he said. “Now we know why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris never bothered to really campaign.”

Wood called out Governor Brian Kemp for not standing up for the voters by investigating the allegations of fraud and the voting irregularities.

The attorney stated that Kemp had personal reasons for not wanting to look into the consent decree between Raffensperger and the Democratic Party.

“I believe that Brian Kemp is corrupt. And I think he was corrupted with Chinese money,” he said. “And I don’t think that he wants this election overthrown and the real results posted because then Brian Kemp facing a Trump administration Attorney General – and Brian would find himself in jail. He sold himself out, and now he’s trying to hide.”

Looking ahead to the election runoff in January, Wood stated that he didn’t believe Georgia’s Republican voters would show up unless their elected officials investigate the general election fraud.

Wood stated that his team must await an official, final written order from the judge’s dismissal prior to filing an appeal. If the Eleventh Circuit court rules in favor of Wood’s team, Wood stated that the legislature would have to conduct a special session.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Georgia Star News and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].






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  1. Mary A Stevens

    I love President Donald J Trump and thank him for making

    President Donald J. Trump was anointed by God to be our President for eight years. God said every American must honor and respect him at all times. Instead they have put President Trump through HELL every hour of everyday for the last four years. His enemies, be they Democrat or Republican, have a very special place waiting for them someday when their day of judgment arrives. President Trump won the 2020 election by a landslide because the Patriots love and trust him. He never stopped fighting to make America Great Again! He kept all of his promises to the American people. His accomplishments were beyond amazing and it would take all day to list every one of them.

  2. DOK

    It beggars belief that intelligent Republicans actually believe the elections were rigged in spite of clear evidence to the contrary!😳
    Are you in such a deep trance like that of a religious sect that you believe anything and everything your leader tells you!?? Where’s your objectivity?
    Trump is not a Demi god! More like the Manchurian candidate! Wake up!

    1. Jared Jackson

      You can talk all your nonsense all you want, but it’s really funny how the Dems cried for 4 years anoint Trump being in office and investigated him all 4 years and had absolutely NOTHING on him.

    2. Ithamar

      A man would have to be blind, deaf and dumb to contend there is no evidence that massive election fraud was not front and center during this election.

  3. Peter Leone

    When kamala Harris was dancing in the rain I knew the fix was in

  4. Ron Hooper

    True that,
    Hatred is an abomination,

  5. Marie

    Trump and truth will prevail.

  6. RitaG

    Trump will prevail !! Best , truthful President this country has seen since Reagan !! We will not live in communism!! This country must remain free !! GOD help us in 2024 !!!

    1. Barbara

      Agree with you

    2. Jane Stone


    3. JoAnn Tindall

      Agree with you totally !!!!

  7. Peggy Weldon

    We the people be happy if president trump will win because we all need him in the white house and he is doing good for all the america people and he is doing a good job we are praying for you to stay in for 4 more years we all need to pray to God and ask him to bring president trump back and be our president again please God amen

    1. Kelly F. Binion

      Amen I’m just an nobody what I say doesn’t matter but I would love to shake Trump’s hand and tell him he’s doing a great job.

    2. SamR

      4 years in jail, you mean!

      1. Kulaniu

        You wish! Too bad you Biden followers won’t be going with Biden to prison. You damn sure are unAmerican

      2. Kay

        SamR, what has Trump done to deserve going to jail? I think Democrats are just jealous of our love and support of President Trump. I have never seen any Democrat express any love for Joe Biden. Democrats only voted for Joe out of evil hatred for President Trump. Nobody loves Biden except for maybe his own family.

      3. Susanne Stover

        4 years of jail, for whom?

      4. Ron Hooper

        You are mentally, Spiritually and financially bankrupt!

  8. Jezzabell

    Thank you, Mr. Wood! You have at least 80 million Americans on your side!

    1. Fck U

      More like 70 million 😉

      1. Susan

        Votes were given to Biden that is what makes 80 million

  9. Maggie Bennett

    President Trump should be able to stay in office 4 more “Automatic” Years just for the mistreatment he had to take from the Dumbocrats!

  10. Mike

    They are not Christians. They are satanic.

  11. Seymore

    This is total fabricated BS and I’m surprised any thing that calls itself a newspaper would soil its pages with this propoganda

    1. Jack Hisey

      Sometimes, the truth is a hard pill to swallow. The truth is still the truth even if you don’t like the taste.

    2. David


      Are you ok snowflake looser ?

      1. Julie

        Nice language….learn how to spell LOSER!

        1. Mike

          Dumbocrats can’t spell!

      2. Susanne Stover

        We will see who is crying after investigations are revealed. Bye, bye DEMONRAT…cry me a river.

  12. Karon Kelley Medlin

    I don’t know why people just can’t be honest. GOD see everything and if their Christians they shouldn’t do this. One day GOD will judge all.
    Just be fair and run a clean election.