Mark Green Proposal Would Stop Foreign Adversaries from Buying Land Near U.S. Military Bases

Mark Green


U.S. Rep. Mark Green (R-TN-07) has introduced a bill that would, if enacted into law, direct the U.S. Secretary of Defense to produce ongoing reports about foreign land purchases around U.S. military bases.

This, according to a press release that Green and members of his staff published on his website this week.

Green titled the bill the Military Perimeter Transparency Act.

“It’s critically important for the Department of Defense to identify when foreign adversaries like China or Russia acquire land near American military bases. America’s adversaries, especially those with a history of cyberattacks, espionage, and disinformation warfare, should never be allowed within reach of a U.S. military installation. Doing so would be a risk to our security and a major strategic mistake,” Green said in the press release.

“The Secretary of Defense and the heads of our Armed Forces must have full visibility when foreign governments attempt to acquire and use land in close proximity to our military bases. My bill is a commonsense measure that will strengthen our defense and ensure transparency when it comes to securing the perimeter of our military bases.”

According to Green’s bill, the U.S. Secretary of Defense would coordinate with the secretaries of the various military departments. The U.S. defense secretary would submit to the Committees on Armed Services of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives a report that identifies land that a foreign adversary owns or seeks to own or occupy. The report would also recommend the appropriate response or responses to a foreign adversary’s ownership or occupancy of real property in the vicinity of military installations, according to the bill.

Green introduced a bill last month that would, if enacted into law, fight back against Critical Race Theory (CRT) training in the U.S. Military Service Academies. Green’s press release defined CRT as a school of thought that teaches America–and every American institution–is based on a foundation of racism, instead of upon the principles of equality, justice, and freedom.

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4 Thoughts to “Mark Green Proposal Would Stop Foreign Adversaries from Buying Land Near U.S. Military Bases”

  1. Bob Marsh

    To bad this has to be a law. You would think it was just common sense. But that packed up and left some time ago.

  2. How about no foreign investment in land purchases, period? I guess sovereignty is just a fashion statement, like argyle socks. And about as important.

  3. Kevin

    I appreciate Representative Green’s efforts! He swore an oath to protect the Constitution from enemies, both foreign and domestic, and he’s trying to uphold it! Now, we probably need a law to prevent domestic adversaries from buying up farm land too!

    The fact that Bill Gates has been buying up so much farm land is disturbing! Could it be that manipulating food production is one strategy for him to reach his stated goal of controlling world population growth? I guess he figures that if his Covid vaccine program doesn’t do the trick, he can just starve us out!

  4. This should have always been SOP! Now we find since Bush’s invest in America/buy up America that much of America is owned by Foreign Investors and Governments.
    As a severe concern for National Defense this must be stopped and reversed! The goal was to dissolve America, to sell our brands, our patents, our technologies to Globalists to foreign interest and send our jobs overseas to tun America into colony where our agricultural production is sold or already owned by Globalists/China! Murdock and now Gates owns more American agricultural lands than do Americans! And the taxes are written off under investments strategies.