Wisconsin Representative Tiffany Files Amendment to Department of Defense Bill to Shut Down Border

Tom Tiffany


Wisconsin Representative Thomas Tiffany (R-WI-07) filed an amendment to the annual Department of Defense bill to deploy armed forces to shut down the border. Tiffany said, “Americans are sick of Biden’s open borders. It’s time for Congress to act.”

Tiffany called illegal immigration “out of control,” and his amendment to the Department of Defense bill would authorize the “deployment of armed forces to shut it down.”

The amendment by Tiffany reads:

Upon submission of a request consistent with subsection (b), the Secretary of Defense may assign members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps to assist U.S. Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement—

(1) in preventing the entry of terrorists, drug traffickers, and illegal aliens into the United States; and

(2) in the inspection of cargo, vehicles, and aircraft at points of entry into the United States to prevent the entry of weapons of mass destruction, components of weapons of mass destruction, prohibited narcotics or drugs, or other terrorist or drug trafficking items.

Tiffany’s amendment also includes the training of all officers being deployed to the border so that they would be equipped to handle issues pertaining to border security.

As reported by The Minnesota Sun, thousands of immigrants have been overwhelming the United States border in Texas. “Border officials reportedly said that over 9,000 migrants, mostly from Haiti, were waiting to be processed under the Del Rio International Bridge, according to the Times.”

Videos showed thousands of migrants camped out underneath a bridge near the Rio Grande River and other videos showed hundreds of migrants walking across the river and into the United States. As reported by The Sun, “A few hundred migrants crossed the shallow section of the Rio Grande River to the temporary site earlier this week, and officials reportedly expect thousands more to show up over the next few days.”

As reported by The Daily Wire, “Law enforcement officials with the state of Texas appear to have taken control of the situation in Del Rio, Texas, after the Biden administration repeatedly failed to stop tens of thousands of migrants from illegally entering the United States.”

A tweet from Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) confirms this, saying “The Texas Department of Public Safety is in full force along the border around the Del Rio area.” Abbott also said that they were working with the National Guard to secure the border.

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Hayley Tschetter is a reporter with The Minnesota Sun and The Wisconsin Daily Star | Star News Network. Follow Hayley on Twitter or like her Facebook page. Send news tips to [email protected].

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