Biden Administration Potentially Flying Migrants into Youngstown


The Biden administration has been flying migrants in the dead of night to various locations throughout the United States and potentially to Ohio, according to a new Fox News report.

First uncovered by the New York Post, the federal government has used a charter plane to fly migrants from the U.S. southern border in an attempt to resettle them in other locations.

However, the same plane that delivered migrants to New York has made trips to other locations, including Youngstown, Ohio.

Critics of President Joe Biden have raised concerns over the president’s actions, or lack of action, during the ongoing border crisis. In both July and August, Customs and Border Protection officers reported more than 200,000 encounters.

Furthermore, critics of DeWine argue that the governor should have taken action to prevent the secret actions of the Biden administration.

In a statement on Wednesday, former Congressman and a DeWine primary challenger Jim Renacci slammed both Biden and DeWine for the move, asking “why Mike DeWine did not let Ohioans know these flights were taking place in the state and why he let it happen.”

“Joe Biden’s appalling and reckless policies have resulted in the trafficking of illegal immigrants into our state,” Jim Renacci said. “What is more concerning is why Mike DeWine did not inform the people of what was secretly going on with these charter flights. Ohioans deserve a governor who will be truthful and an explanation of why he let it happen. We deserve answers now!”

The GOP candidate has routinely questioned DeWine’s style of leadership, linking the incumbent governor to multiple Democratic leaders.

“DeWine is the biggest RINO in America today and it is time to send him packing so we can begin to undo all the misery he has brought to Ohio,” Renacci said previously.

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