‘La Raza’ Randy Boyd’s Beneficiary, Conexion Americas, Supports ‘NoMuslimBanEver’ and ‘NoBanNoWall’

Randy Boyd

The same day the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed President Trump’s executive authority to restrict entry into the U.S. from designated countries, “La Raza Randy” Boyd’s collaborator Renata Soto, founder and director of Conexion Americas spoke to a group organized by Tennessee’s American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), rallying against the court’s decision and in support of the “NoMuslimBanEver”-“NoBanNoWall” campaign:

…while we are at a really low point and a sad, sad day for this country’s history I know that we are more powerful than one directive from the courts. And if each of us help one person register to vote for all of us who have migrated from other countries and took the step to become a U.S. citizen, if we find one or two people who are already registered  or are actually eligible to become U.S. citizens and we encourage them to take that step and we encourage them to make sure that they claim their place in this country not only because it feels good, but also because we need to expand and amplify our voice and we do that through political power and through votes…

I know with the young and beautiful people and diverse voices gathered here today that our voice and our vision of this country is what will prevail and that is a country where there is a place for all of us, for all of our voices, our religions, our ways of life and I am confident that as a Nashvillian, that we will show the rest of the country how to build that truly inclusive community.


GOP gubernatorial candidate Boyd earned his moniker “La Raza Randy” because of his multiple connections to Soto who served for three years as the board vice-president of the George Soros-funded National Council of La Raza (NCLR) and then in 2015 stepped up to lead the board as its president. She continues to serve in this position.

A year after Soto was elected as chairman of the board of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), Boyd and his wife made a $250,000 donation to her Nashville organization, Conexion Americas, which serves legal immigrants and illegal aliens. The same month Boyd was gifting money to Soto’s organization, he founded his education non-profit Complete Tennessee, including Soto as one of his board members.

Boyd’s organization in turn, serves as a state partner to Soto’s own education initiative the Tennessee Education Equity Coalition (TEEC) which says that students who arrived in Tennessee in violation of U.S. immigration law deserve “educational equity.”

Although Boyd claims that his ‘never-Trump’ days are over, shortly after the election, Soto became an anti-Trump Nashville “Indivisible” organizer. Six months later, Soto organized a second anti-Trump event in Nashville.

It should come as no surprise therefore, that Renata Soto was a featured speaker at another gathering rallying against President Trump’s administration.

Anti-Trumpists were prepared to rally either in celebration of the high court ruling against the President’s travel ban or as it turned out, to protest against the decision that upheld the President’s authority.

NoMuslimBanEver” rallies held in other cities including Nashville were sponsored by MPowerChange and local groups like AMAC. They were a precursor to the “FamiliesBelongTogether” campaign and even more rallies aiming to join legal immigration issues like refugee resettlement to illegal immigration.

MPowerChange is led by anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour who has spoken at conferences in Tennessee.

In advance of the Supreme Court’s decision, the uber-leftist New York public relations firm BerlinRosen prepared the “NoMuslimBanEver” campaign ToolKit complete with talking points, slogans, and scripted Instagram stories with images.

One of the two founding principals of the BerlinRosen firm was a former ACORN employee (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). In 2010, it was reported that 18 of ACORN’s former employees “have admitted guilt or been convicted on varying charges of election fraud.”

The BerlinRosen firm is credited with helping Bill DeBlasio get elected and then re-elected as mayor of New York City. Other clients include SEIU, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, National Organization for Women, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, and Bend the Arc, a progressive Jewish organization whose founding chairman was George Soros’ son Alex.

George Soros himself uses BerlinRosen services.

Conexion Americas’ building Casa Azafran houses a variety of organizations including the American Muslims Advisory Council (AMAC) and the TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC), both of which are beneficiaries of George Soros money.

TIRRC and Conexion Americas are formal affiliates of Soto’s National Council of La Raza organization which over the years has been generously funded by George Soros in amounts typically exceeding $2 million.

Soto’s Nashville Casa Azafran also houses the commercial kitchen Mesa Komal whose name was modified to include the “Jenny and Randy Boyd Culinary Incubator” after they made their quarter of a million dollar gift to Soto’s Nashville organization.








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13 Thoughts to “‘La Raza’ Randy Boyd’s Beneficiary, Conexion Americas, Supports ‘NoMuslimBanEver’ and ‘NoBanNoWall’”

  1. […] It should also come as no surprise that Pupo-Walker’s organization Conexion Americas leader was a featured speaker at a “NoMusimBanEver” protest. […]

  2. David James

    Nancy Perkins you sound like the Democrat troll. Dems aren’t afraid of Boyd – they will love him and likely even cross over in the primary to make sure we don’t end up with a conservative for governor. If you’ve researched Boyd for months as you claim, you must have missed how much more hi positions are to Dem Karl Dean and Boyd’s beloved Jeb! that he voted for. You’ve either been taken in or you are the establishment wing of the Haslamite type in TN which Boyd is answerable to. As to The Star being a right-wing outlet – put your reading glasses on. I hope for our sake you are completely wrong about all of us voting for Boyd – actually in the circles I travel in the saying goes -ANYBODY BUT BOYD”

  3. Donna Locke

    The Ford Foundation gave the National of La Raza and similar orgs their start. Funding subversives.

  4. Terry

    Excellent expose of the financial connections with Soros entities. But also keep in mind that Boyd’s company, right from the outset, outsourced its manufacturing jobs to China. Then, as the company prospered, it established an engineering and research activity – also in China.

    How many Tennesseans, especially in distressed counties, could have benefited from those jobs? How much revenue could the state (and the country) have realized, versus China? For those who may be unaware, China is a communist nation, an atheistic regime that forces women to have abortions against their own free will, harvests organs from religious dissidents, and regularly employs slave labor. And Boyd has directly supported them financially. He’s hardly alone in that, but that doesn’t change the fact that he supports them, with direct financial investments and long term commitments. That makes Boyd a globalist, through and through….just like Soros.

    1. Nancy B Perkins

      Radio Shack and most tech companies buy many things from China. So what? So do I. The Democrats are so afraid of Randy Boyd, they’re fiercely packaging innuendos. His donations had nothing to do with Muslims, immigration, or left wing politics. The Tennessee Star balled it up to make it appear there was some connection AND then came up with the cute name, “La Rosa Randy Boyd” . These are just more dirty tricks the left plays at the last minute so the candidate doesn’t have enough time to refute their charges. This is the oldest dirty trick they’ve played sort of like Alabama and other states. These left-wing owned newspapers create the junk. More MSM BALONEY. #WALKAWAY #MAGA

  5. Wolf Woman

    What does La Raza Randy’s Casa Asrafan bestie Renata Soto stand for? Her short speech was quite informative. She told me that Casa Asrafan’s name pays tribute to the Arabs conquering of Spain and the 700 year Arab imperialism’s influence on Spanish culture. Wow! Does she want to replicate that status here and submit to the American Muslim Advisory Council? Does she have any idea of the brutality of the jihad in Spain? And how the locals fared under sharia law?

    Renata also told me she stands with the Somalis and feels their pain. I wonder if she knows about the pain of the Somali girls from Female Genital Mutilation? And their mothers’ pain from giving birth with FGM? Or maybe the pain of being beaten by their husbands which is allowed by AMAC’s holy law.

    Then Soto says that through political power migrants (legal or illegal?) can expand and amplify their voices and that their vision (no borders?) of this country will prevail where there is a place for all of them, their voices and their religions . . . Nowhere in her speech did she imply that the USA is a great nation who has taken in millions of refugees or thank Tennesseans for their generosity (like LaRaza Randy’s 250,000 gift). In fact she only mentioned the WWII Japanese internment and the Chinese exclusion act as if that’s the sum total of our treatment of other migrants.

    The actions of La Raza Randy including his money and acceptance have surely helped Renata Soto and her “Race” to succeed thus far. His alignment with Soto and her organizations puts him squarely in the corner with the “open borders” globalist US haters, George Soros. So, no matter what he says, the company Randy’s keeping doesn’t sound very conservative to me. A true conservative would have donated a quarter of a million dollars to a pro-life billboard campaign for our interstates.

    1. Nancy B Perkins

      Your post assures me that You are a Democrat Troll working very hard to upset Randy Boyd’s election as our Governor in Tennessee. You sound like a media publicist working for the Democrats and your office minions are following on your skirt tales to echo your garbage. Sorry, your not believable. I’ve investigated Randy Boyd for months now and you’re running scared of his integrity and, or course, the only took you have is spread GARBAGE. We’re not buying it!

      1. Wolf Woman

        I don’t usually respond to criticism but calling me a democrat is over the line, Nancy. Luckily, my daddy always told me that “sticks and stones can break your bones, but names can never hurt you.”

        If you don’t like the unvarnished truth, don’t read my comments. And BTW, it’s La Raza Randy, not La Rosa Randy.
        Respectfully, Wolf Woman

      2. David Rogers

        Did he donate the 250 k or not. My research says he did. I can’t see were a man that donates that kind of money being tough on illegals.

  6. Stuart I. Anderson

    Rant and rave my fellow conservatives about the undesirability of Randy! Boyd, but if we enter this final period before election day 8/2 with the attitude that only our chosen candidate will do and split our vote three ways Governor Boyd it will be. When you come down to it the difference between a Gov. Black and a Gov. Harwell will be relatively insignificant and even a Gov. Lee will probably be variations on the same theme. It is Randy! who will be the liberal outlier much to our regret.

    These stupid campaign adds conjured up by campaign professionals are for low information voters. We know that electing ANYBODY BUT BOYD is the most important thing to accomplish in this Republican Primary. We can only do that by waiting as long as possible before casting our vote and when we do unifying by voting for whoever the polls show is most likely to defeat Randy!.

  7. 83ragtop50

    Why are real Tennesseans even giving a second thought to this traitor being governor? He makes Haslam look like a conservative.

  8. ron stone

    If you are surprised after reading this article you are one of the uninformed voters that Boyd is counting on. Educate yourself. Use common sense and understand that nobody gives $250,000 to an org that they don’t support and/or believe in.

  9. Dave Vance

    La Raza Randy is by far the most unAmerican and immoral candidate in the race and epitomizes what is wrong withe the “establishment”! He is the poster child for the Haslam -Soros wing of the GOP which shouldnt even exsist and no decent person that loves our state or country should even consider him.