Videos Show Small Children Dancing with Drag Queens, Giving Them Money at Gay Pride Event

by Debra Heine


Shocking footage has emerged online of a drag queen show for children that took place at a gay bar in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday.

The newly-opened “Mr. Misster” hosted a “Drag the Kids to Pride” event where scantily clad drag queens gyrated in front of young children, and invited them to join them on stage.

Independent journalists Taylor Hansen (red tshirt) and Aldo Buttozoni infiltrated the event, and recorded the depraved antics inside the venue.

“If you think you can do it like we do, I want you to come up real quick,” a drag queen told the children. The transvestite asked if the boys “want to be a diva” and told them to pick a drag queen to partner with. The children who attended the show appeared to be under ten years old, and included babies and toddlers.

The event was advertised as a “child friendly” drag show, although signs in the bar read “It’s not gonna lick itself” and “I licked it so it’s mine.”

Shocking videos showed parents giving their children money to give the gyrating transvestites.

Conservative activist/comedian Alex Stein attempted to enter the bar but was denied entry. Masked pro-groomers assaulted him and tried to steal his phone outside the event.

“I thought you guys were inclusive,” Stein hollered in protest. “You guys are bigots! You won’t let me in here, but you’re gonna let children,” he exclaimed, before being forced off of the premise.

Outside the venue, pro-groomers also clashed with anti-groomers who showed up to protest the drag show for children.

Hanson’s girlfriend was spat upon by one of the attendees as he was leaving the event.

The journalist said a police report was filed, and the assailant would be charged with misdemeanor assault. He added that there were multiple police reports filed against attendees of the event for assault.

Stein tailed one of the drag queens after the show, and asked him how he feels “exploiting little children.”

Hansen said the “Drag Your Kids to Pride” event was “by far” the hardest and grossest thing he’d ever had to report on.

“Over all, it was just terrible. It was disgusting,” he reported from his car as he was riding home from the show.

Hansen said that the most disturbing thing he saw was a little boy at the bar who was ignoring the Drag show and playing on his Nintendo.

He said he overheard the boy tell the bartender that he wasn’t gay. “His mom butted in, interrupted this child and said, ‘no, he is gay, don’t let him lie to you, he is.’”

Hansen said you could just tell that the kid was “super uncomfortable” and “obviously not gay.” He said the boy worked on his Rubics Cube as well, and solved the puzzle three times.

“He didn’t care to be there, didn’t care about anything going on,” Hanson said.

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Debra Heine is a regular contributor to American Greatness.




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  1. Steve Allen

    Continued depravity from the Left.

    1. Jessica Smith

      The left? How did Cawthorn describe repug parties?